Spoils shared in balanced game

Wednesday, April 11, 2012, 21:15

courtesy of Victor Ciangura – The Malta Independent

APS Bank Under 15 Section A

Floriana   0   Hamrun S  0 


A draw was a fair result in this game as both teams had their very good moments and neither side dominated the other. Following this game Floriana lead the standings on 43 points from 19 games while Hamrun are in 6th position on 29 points also from 19 games.

Floriana created the first action as Conor Borg served Martin Caruana with a through ball and after he was fouled  outside the area Dayle Borg drove over the bar from the free kick, while at the other end, Josmar Hili was fouled on the right flank and Tensior Guzman drove over the bar from the free kick.

Hamrun then mounted two further actions. They won a corner kick on the right flank which was well-taken by Brady Galea and the ball was cleared with difficulty by the Greens defenders and the same player then served Hili with a through ball in the area and Floriana keeper Tyrone Gauci foiled him with a timely sortie.

The last three actions before the break were all created by Floriana. Conor Borg was fouled outside the area, Neil Spiteri served Juan Carlos Corbolan with a short pass from the free kick and after advancing he was foiled from further progression by Joyfred Farrugia. Dayle Borg then dribbled past two opponents and after entering the area the ball was cleared to a corner from his shot and the same palyer then drove over the bar from a free kick after Corbolan was fouled on the left flank.

In the first two actions after the break, Dayle Borg was fouled on the right flank and from the free kick by Corbolan the ball was headed away and Jake Davies served Mauro Sultana with a long throw-in from the right flank but the drove over the bar from inside the area.

In an action by Hamrun Luca Bugeja was fouled on the right flank and from the free kick by Jake Grech, Gauci fisted the ball away.

Dayle Borg then served Dillon Darmanain with a through ball who then served Sultana with a square pass and he drove over the bar from outside the area, at the other end, Luke Galea was fouled outside the area and Gauci saved the free kick shot by Jake Grech.

Floriana then mounted all the actions before the end. Larsen Azzopardi served Dayle Borg with a long throw-in from the left flank and he missed the upright with a half volley from inside the area. Caruana was then fouled just outside the area and Hamrun keeper Matthew Talian turned the ball to a corner from the free kick by Conor Borg. After Sultana was fouled outside the area Conor Borg served Davies with a short pass from the free kick and after Taliana partly saved his shot the ball was cleared away to safety and Caruana contolled a loose ball in Hamrun’s half and Taliana saved his strong rising shot.

Referee: Dorian Caruana                                    Player of the match: Dayle Borg (Floriana)


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