Special Olympics Malta wins silver medal

Sunday, June 23, 2013, 8:45
Special Olympics Malta won the silver medal with great honors.
On the first day Malta played 2 divisioning games against Czech Republic and Finland and placed in Group B/2nd division along with Germany and Azerbaijan.
On the second day, Malta won their game against Germany at 2 sets to 1 and lost at 2 sets to 0 against Azerbaijan, a very strong opponent with a long history in Volleyball.
On the last day, Malta faced Azerbaijan once again for their final game and lost the game at 2 sets to 1, but with great honor. Malta lost their first set at 23-25, Won the second set at 25-23 and lost the last set at 10-15.
Ms. Anna Calleja, National Director of Special Olympics Malta who is currently in Turkey with the the team said:

“Considering that our Volleyball team is fairly new and that this was our first participation in the European Tournament, we are very happy with the result and we feel that the whole participation was a great success.

We don’t like to rush things and we take our time to introduce new sports disciplines. We like to take our time and make sure that before we compete in international events the desired level is achieved.

Our partners (the mainstream players) are honoured to have been invited to participate in such an event and although they have been training with our athletes for quite a while, they were surprised with the level,  determination and spirit of our athletes.

We are proud of our team. Once again Special Olympics Malta has brought honor to our nation”


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