Special Olympics Malta participation in the Special Olympics European Unified Tournament in Turkey.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013, 17:46

For the first time, Special Olympics Malta will be participating in the European Unified Volleyball Tournament in which a total of 16 European teams will be participating. The unified team will be made up of mainstream players and players from Special Olympics.

Training sessions are held 3 times a week where our players train along with mainstream players. Moreover unified friendly games are organized regularly to give our players as much experience as possible. The Maltese delegation will be made up of a total of 14 people. The tournament will be held in Istanbul, Turkey between the 20th and the 23rd of June,2013.

In 2012, Special Olympics Malta took part in a Volley Ball tournament for the first time at the Special Olympics Regional Games in Lombardy, Italy.

The Volley Ball competition was a unified one, which means that the team was made up of 4 Special Olympics players and 2 mainstream players.

This was the 4th time that Special Olympics Malta participated in these games but it was the first time that took part in the Volley Ball tournament where they won the bronze medal whilst in the athletics competitions, the athletes of Special Olympics Malta, gave a striking performance bringing home a total of 27 medals.Special Olympics Malta is supported by the Vodafone Foundation.

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Integrating our athletes into society and enabling them to live meaningful independent lives is a task that Special Olympics has at heart and we work very closely with the athletes’ families to achieve this. Special Olympics combine athletes with and without learning disabilities and organize events in which they play and compete alongside each other in a fair and formal format.

The goal is to break down barriers in the community, promoting the full inclusion of learning disabled youngsters whilst encouraging social interaction between them and others. Inclusion for our athletes is the vital function of our organization. Barriers that are still very challenging and our aim is to proof that our athletes belong in the society. We continually serve for opportunities for our athletes to participate in unified sports events.

Our goal is to increase awareness that our athletes are fully recognized as valued members of our community. As always we need the help of benefactors to be able to achieve this.

Special Olympics Malta is supported by the Vodafone Foundation.

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