Someone “prominent” gave a bonus to Sliema today – Victor Sciriha

Saturday, March 13, 2010, 20:03

A disappointed Valletta President Sciriha earlier today went in front of the Melita Sports cameras and remarked that he had concrete information that an individual gave a bonus to the Sliema players for the game against Valletta.

 Speaking in Melita Sports’ Matchday programme immediately after the end of the BOV Premier League game between Valletta and Sliema which the latter won 2-1, the Valletta President said that he had enough of this “farce” in Maltese football. When pressed to elaborate on both statements by Melita Sports journalist Sandro Micallef, the former Marsaxlokk FC boss reiterated that he is in possession of evidence that “a well known individual who was involved in football administration but is not anymore at the moment has given special bonuses to the Sliema players ahead of Saturday’s encounter”. Victor Sciriha added that if this individual wants to file a libel case against him for defamation so be it as he was giving comments of known facts.

The Valletta President continued his public resentment by adding that he is ready to testify in front of any MFA official if need be referring to the individual as “having a high public post in society”

Many who were tuned to Melita Sports were shocked to hear such a statement and the news of this outburst comment by the Valletta boss quickly spread throughout the football local community.

Insiders told that Mr. Sciriha was evidently referring to Robert Arrigo a former Sliema President now a Member of Parliament representing the Nationalist Party as a back bencher. This website is informed that Mr. Arrigo is away from the island on Parliamentary work.

Watch full interview on link below. Pictures courtesy of Melita Sports

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