Soler and Galea win ASA Player of the Year Awards 2010

Tuesday, March 8, 2011, 23:28
John Soler

John Soler

Sliema stalwarth and national team captain John Soler has been named as the ASA’s Division One Player of the Year while Anthony Galea, who last season played for Ta’ Xbiex, was awarded the Division Two Player of the Year Award.

Soler, who last season netted 36 goals for his club, shall be given his award on Sunday prior to the Neptunes Emirates vs Sliema McDonalds match. Anthony Galea, who this year shall once again be donning the San Giljan cap, shall be given his award on Sunday prior to the San Giljan Firetech vs Sirens Ritter Sport match.

Whilst congratulating the two winners, the ASA Executive announced that it will shortly be announcing a new set of parameters to be used in the selection of this year’s award winners. This is being done to ensure complete transparency, and timely announcement in the selection of
the winners for 2011.


  1. H2o ??? says:

    @H20. I dont think anyone quite understood how the voting worked and thats why its being changed


    h20 Reply:

    as far as i know the player of the year is not given by a unanomous vote at the end of the year but, by people who are asked to vote game by game.

    As you all say I agree that malta’s best player is stevie, and last year he was superb. But superb was most of the team of neptunes and im sure that in some games some vote might have beem give to nicky gouder or nicky lanzon or michele stellini.

    In Sliema’s case, maybe the team as a whole did not have a superb season, and maybe in games vs exiles, san giljan and sires, Soler was the one who got the maximum votes in these games (it could be the case) Making his total higher than stevie’s.

    I am not sure how the voting system works exaclty but i know each player is given votes at the end of each match.

    So maybe that made soler’s total higher than stevies.

    PS: I think this system is not a good system and i agree that is has to be changed


    H2o ??? Reply:

    Your reasoning could make sense however the facts are not
    in your favour. Stevie dominated the league full stop.Stevie
    finished the league with 61 goals , michele 21 goals and niki
    lanzon with 18 goals for neptunes. Soler finished with 36 goals ,
    mark meli 25 goals and jerome with 19 goals. Now explain to me what
    conclusion you draw from this stats . Im starting to think that we
    are not being told the complete story because there is something
    that doesnt quite add up.


    h20 Reply:

    let us get one thing straight i totally agree with you that
    stevie should be player of the year. If u ask me he should be
    sportiv tas sena too. I had a mini problem with what you said
    because it seemed that you implied that there was some sort of
    discrimination which i dont know if there was. But I just like to
    not beleive these things. As I said giving votes for each game and
    then adding them up at the end of the years seems to be a stupid

  2. PALLANUOTO says:

    Stevie has reached heights that no other player has ever achieved. One can debate whether or not  he is the best ever, although i think this too is clear to most, but he is surely the most successful. He has never been given the recognition he truly deserves. i think that the ASA should grant him some other form of award to make up for this scandal because that is all it is 


  3. TYR says:

    So now it is the ASA’s turn to do Stevie Camilleri out of an award he so deserved. Why is it so hard for this waterpolo player to get his due recognition in this country? He is definitely Malta’s most talented player at present and probably the best ever. He has been the league’s top-scorer for the past years and his 61 goals last summer, way ahead of anyone else (world class foreigners included), helped his club win the 2010 league, and yet….With all due respect to Mr Soler, this is one award he did not deserve and I’m sure he never expected. As for the 2nd division, why award a player who is way past his sell by date, instead of one of the up and coming youngsters who helped Mscala win the 2nd division league. 


  4. h20 says:

    all of you before commenting try to find out how the votes are given….

    not you just critisize without knowing how the voting system works


  5. GF says:

    Steve Camilleri was hands down the best player and i cannot but feel that the award has been taken from him for the second year running. Furthermore, if the ASA felt that Steve wasnt worthy, i would have thought that Nicky Gouder stood a good chance as he too had a good season.LET US BE A BIT REALISTIC ! Neptunes won the league UNBEATEN, with Steve scoring no less than 61 goals. This confirms that the voting wasnt transparent at all and the award has lost all of its credit !


  6. PG says:

    While congratulating Soler for this award, on what grounds was this awarded. He is definitely one of the best local talents around, but with all due respect I think that someone like Stevie Camilleri would have been a better choice.


  7. compass says:

    In other words, the parameters used this year were wrong, the selection process was not transparent, and definitely not timely! L-ahhar opra ta l-ex segretarju, mastru hawwad u gerfex! Seeing the announcement was made so late anyway , it would have been a good day to make the announcement on April 1st . Yeah right, John Soler best player last year, mhux hekk tghid…. no wonder the parameters and selection process are being changed!


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