Small Car Demolition by ASM next Sunday

Friday, March 23, 2012, 7:54

On Monday 19th March ASM has organised the 11th event for the Autocross and the 5th event for the Motocross riders. Both events qualify for the ASM-Pasta Poiatti National Championships.

During the Autocross heats Patrick Cassar (Opel No. 3) and Christian Galea (Ritmo No.2) won the highest points during the three qualifying heats thus securing their place in the Class A Finals. During the 9 Lap Final A race Christian took the lead ahead of Cassar and Emanuel Muscat, this time on a VW Polo which is his 2ndchampionship car. Cassar increased pressure on Galea especially after the 1st right-hander and both drivers drove to their limit in the safety way. Suddenly Cassar’s Opel broke a drive shaft and he was forced to abandon the race during the first lap. Muscat took advantage and started pulling hard on Galea while Josef Abela on a Nova and Brian Azzopardi on a Ford Ka battled their way in 3rd and 4th place respectively. Azzopardi tried various ways to beat Abela but after seven laps Abela’s small mistake made him loose control of his car and so even did Azzopardi as his efforts were unfruitful. Karm Mifsud on his veteran Hillman Imp took advantage of the situation while Abela and Azzopardi corrected their positions and jumped into third place. On the 9th lap, Christian Galea took the Finish Flag first who also increased the gap in the championship scale. Muscat and Mifsud finished in 2nd and 3rd overall.

From the start of Autocross Class B Matthew Borg on his Nova took the lead outright. Josef Grech on a Fiesta and Vince Farrugia on a VW Polo followed close by but Borg built a small gap on his followers during each lap. Yet after the 2nd lap, Farrugia bet Grech but on the 7th lap, Matthew’s car developed an electrical fault and slowed its pace while Farrugia passed him. But Farrugia’s car also developed a mechanical failure some 300 meters to the finish line and abandoned the race. Grech moved to the lead, Borg took the finish flag 2nd place and Robert Attard on a Fiat Uno placed 3rd in Class B.

The Motocross Class A was highly competitive and full of surprises in all the 3 race Heats. In Heat 1 Paul Muscat on his new KTM took the lead while his brother Chris and Clayton Camilleri all on KTM’s battled right behind but after the first lap of the 12 minutes race, Clayton bet Chris and Carmel Borg on his Suzuki RMZ who was in 4th position also started to add pressure on his leaders. The race went on and Borg managed to beat Chris Muscat during the last 8th lap. Paul Muscat won the 1st Heat, followed by Camilleri and Carmel Borg in 2nd and 3rd place resp. During the 2nd Heat we had very close fast racing but without any overtaking. Yet this race was great to watch right to the end. Paul Muscat took the lead again, but now he was followed by Carmel Borg and Stefan Dimech in 2nd and 3rd place resp. During the 3rd heat Clayton Camilleri took the lead ahead of Paul Muscat and Stefan Dimech. During the 2nd lap Paul Muscat lost some time because he fell from his bike but continued to race while Dimech took 2nd place. Paul was fast enough to beat all and finish 2nd overall in this hot sporty race. Camilleri finished 1st, Paul and Christ Muscat finished in 2nd and 3rd respectively.

James Zahra on a Honda in Class Bmade a good start ahead of Turu Micallef on a Honda and Trever Muscat on a KTM. On the 2nd lap Zahra lost his bike and Turu Micallef took over to the end of the 8th lap. The 2nd Heat started with Zahra leading for 5 laps but Micallef took the lead again to the Finish. In the 3rd Heat Turu Micallef led the pack for 6 laps but Zahra took over again. James Zahra finished 11st with Turu Micallef in 2nd and Charles Borg from Gozo placing in 3rd place in true sprotmanship among all competitors.

Next Sunday 25th March is another busy Sunday for all Motorsport spectators and for ASM Executives as next Sunday’s program includes a Small Car Demolition with a limited number of competitors but the day’s program is to also include another Autocross and Motocross event.  Racing starts at 10.30am and the Demolition is scheduled for 4.30pm


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