Slovakia beat Under 19 Malta side 4-0

Thursday, October 7, 2010, 22:19

Earlier this afternoon, Malta’s Under 19 youths lost their game against Slovakia in the Qualifying Tournament in Slovenia. The first half was rather a balanced affair. Although Malta suffered same pressure from the Slovak side, the Maltese side controlled very well without any dangerous actions from the Slovaks. However Malta created the first clear scoring opportunities.

On the 27 min Malta had a free kick which was taken by Muscat Zac, but the Slovak goalkeeper made a good save .
Then on the 35 min Malta had a corner in its favour, which was taken by Tabone Matthew , but Paris matthew did the impossible. Alone on the goal line he managed to head the ball out.

On the 43 min Malta lost the ball while attacking and on a counter attack from the left flank caught the Maltese defence on one foot and from the cross player no 17 Michal Kamerick opened the score .

On the 46 min a similar action was built by our opposing team from which resulted the second goal scored by their No 7 Tomas Miknic.

During the second half the Maltese players were demoralised and left the command of play in the hands of the Slovak side although they limited themselves in controlling the game without creating any chances. The game continued this way till the 17th min of the second half when Slovakia scored their third goal by a good shout from outside the penalty area by their No 10 Michal Skvarea.

Play continued being controlled by the Slovak side being happy to have the time pass and controlling the game, till the 90th min when Malta concede the fourth and final goal by their No 4 Vrabler Hartin to seal the victory for the team from Slovakia.

The Maltese side started the game with this formation:
1. Vella Jean Mathhias
2. Sammut Dylan
4. Fedele Keith
5.Borg Sascha
7. Pisani Stephen
8. Farrugia Jean Paul
9. Muscat Zach
10. Kristensen Bjorn
11. Paris James
14. Tabone Matthew
16. Borg Clyde

12. Dimech Carlos
3. Pisani Jurgen
6. Bregman Quincy
13. Briffa Ansil
15. Vassalllo Christian
17. Micallef Ryan
18. Grech Christian

67 min Grech Christian replaced Dylan Sammut
71 min Christian Vassallo replaced Pisani Stephen
82 min Bregman Quincy replaced Muscat Zach

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