Matthew Camilleri is day hero for Sei and Co

Saturday, October 1, 2011, 15:16

by Sandro Micallef

Sliema were held in a  1-1 draw by underdogs Balzan Youths in a no day for the Blues but a bright day for the experienced keeper Matthew Camilleri who also won the award for man of the match thanks to several saves during the game.

Sliema are to only blame themselves for not scoring the several chances they had especially in the first half.

Sliema were looking to extend their positive run so far this season as they faced less quoted Balzan. This game witnessed Balzan’s 1-1 goal scored by Miguel Ciantar who was facing his ex team mates with the white and red shirt of Balzan. It was a nice thing to note that despite the result was not a good result for Sliema at the time when Ciantar was subst ten minutes from time some Blues fans were heard clapping in a sign of appreciation for their loaned player.

Sliema were without injured Jean Pierre Mifsud Triganza, whilst Balzan had Pedro Dos Santos Calcado suspended. Sliema welcomed back Daniel Mitev from a one match ban. Doncic opted to leave Mark Scerri on the bench and fielded an offensive side.

Before the match Alex Muscat presented the Malta shirt he had made his debut with when he was still a Balzan player to the Youths’ President George Borg.

First Half:

19min: Gorge Santos tries to lob the ball on defender Guga just inside the penalty area but the Balzan player is seen handling the ball with Referee Farrugia Cann signalling the extreme foul.

20min: Daniel Mitev does not miss from the 11 meter mark to put the Wanderers 1-0 up

25min: Gorge Santos hits the upright after a lonely run on the left.

29min: Balzan’s keeper Matthew Camilleri saves a Ryan Grech fine shot from 25 meters into a corner.

33min: Balzan close to level matters as Kris William Bright hits the lower end of the upright from a corner.

38min: Matthew Camilleri saves again a distant shot this time by Bajada after he received an assist by Santos.

41min: Camilleri extends his positive moment between the Youth’s goalposts as he saves a point blank sitter by Cleavon Frendo again after a Santos cross.

45min: Roderick Bajada looses the ball in defense for Sliema and Miguel Ciantar enters the penalty and his shot is saved by Bonello.

46min: On the counter attack in a 4 vs 2 situation Mitev decides to conclude  instead of passing to Santos and Lima who had accompanied him in the fast break run.

Second Half:

52min: Camilleri’s performance remains unchanged as he punches away a Bajada cross to anticipate a possible easy header by Mitev.

54min: The goal of the ex was in the air in the first half and Ciantar indeed scores against his former team with a header from a corner by Bernandes.

58min. A Jacksom Lima shot end above Balzan’s crossbar.

70min. Camilleri saves again a Sliema attempt this time it was Gorge Santos who tried his luck by a shot following a short corner.

86min: A blunder by Josef Mifsud cought Sliema keeper Bonello unprepared to receive a backpass and had to rescue in extremis with his hands before the ball surpassed the line thus committing an infringment and conceeded an indirect free kick  for Balzan.

87min. Guga saw his indirect free kick blocked by the crowded 11 man wall which was placed on the goal line for Sliema.

93min: Gorge Santos’s last attempt hit the side of the net.

Line Ups:

Sliema W. H.Bonello, A.Muscat, J.Mifsud, R.Grech (M.Scerri 72min), D.Mitev, S.Bezzina, J.Lima, R.Galabov (J.Ani 83min), R.Bajada, G.Santos Silva, C.Frendo (B.Muscat 63min)

Balzan: M.Camilleri, C.Ciantar, R.Forace, Y.Camilleri, J.Francica, G.Blejdon, D.Grima, N.Tasic, M.Ciantar (A.Agius 73min), F.Bernandes (L.Micallef 80min), K.W.Bright(.Bondin 91min)

Referee: Trusten Farrugia Cann

Ass Referees: Alan Camilleri, Sammy Attard

Yellow Cards: B.Guga (B), C.Ciantar (B), D.Mitev (S), R.Forace (B), J.Mifsud (S), L.Micallef (B), H.Bonello (S)

Scorers: D.Mitev (S) 20min (Pen), M.Ciantar 54min (B)

BOV Player of the Match: Matthew Camilleri (B)

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