Sliema supporters clash with security personnel at National Pool

Tuesday, August 14, 2012, 12:51

by Sandro Micallef

During Sunday’s top of the table waterpolo match between leaders Sliema and champions Neptunes, there were some tense moments on the stands, specifically on the side that hosted the Sliema supporters.

It all started when a glass of beer accidentally fell beside the journalist’s table, with the security guards on duty reprimanding the Sliema supporters to behave themselves. More members of the security team entered the Sliema side to make sure that the situation remained under control.

This presence of security people irritated the Blues supporters and at one point, just before half time, while the Sliema supporters were celebrating one of their goals, a drink was thrown towards one of the security men who was in the crowd. A scuffle broke out between these security guards and some of these supporters and blows were traded until the security force were led out of the Sliema side. In the process a female Sliema supporter was slightly injured.

Things did not end there as a fracas broke out inside the main reception area of the National Pool where blood was later seen on the floor and a glass door was smashed. Police from the mobile squad made their way to the National Pool to control the situation. No information was forthcoming from the Police on this incident.

These events have given rise to a large number of messages being posted on social media websites, with people complaining about the heavy-handedness of the security people on duty at Tal-Qroqq. This year the ASA has opted to hire private security personnel at the National Pool during waterpolo matches while in the past, the ASA used the services of the police to maintain law and order.

In a comment given to the Times of Malta, ASA President Joe Caruana Curran said that although he “had more positive comments than negative ones” about the private security guards, police will be working alongside these guards when the waterpolo playoffs start on the 22nd August.


  1. Mermaid says:

    What is missing from the above article is that some Sliema supporters were drunk before they came for the game. this was confirmed by the ASA president on the times of today.

    While I don’t agree with any violence, the security guards had to take measures to control these people who do not give a good name to sliema waterpolo. The blame lies on both sides and there is no use on trying to put it only on bouncers.


    Saying Reply:

    What are you saying jahasra Mermaid ?? Who was drunk ?? Bonello jaqaw .. Hahaha Tejru Alinaa :)


    supporter ahmar Reply:

    nejru ghalikom????????????? lanqas xejn siehbi.  ahjar minajar tazza ghal 100 sena, milli nkun slimiz.


    Saying Reply:

    @supporter ahmar .. jidispjecini najdlek li andek mohok maluq taaa … Kelmuna meta tilhquna fl-unuri !

    Mermaid Reply:

    Some, and I repeat some, Sliema supporters were drunk. They had been at Sliema Pitch drinking since early afternoon. 

    Also you may wish to read what the ASA President had to say in this regard when he was questioned by the Times:
    He described the incident as the actions of “a stupid person” and pinned it down to drunkenness. “Unfortunately, this happens when people turn up completely drunk. They should have been stopped at the gate. It won’t happen again and anybody kicked out of the pool will not be allowed in. We will be informing the clubs of this.”


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