Sliema rev up for playoffs with emphatic defeat of San Giljan

Sunday, August 14, 2011, 11:05

by Gerald Fenech

Sliema McDonalds continued challenging for the second spot when they beat San Giljan Giuseppe’s 16-9 in a one sided encounter. In the other match, Marsascala extended their lead at the top of the Second Division table when they soundly beat Valletta Dhalia.

Rajmund Fodor

Rajmund Fodor

San Giljan Giuseppe’s 9 – Sliema McDonalds 16

Sliema made a strong showing, to continue on their good win over Exiles. It was also time for revenge, as the Blues were beaten by the Saints in their last encounter. San Giljan still kept their second spot in the standings, but Sliema are now only two points in arrears.

Sliema were still missing some of their top players, but their performance gives rise to hopes for the coming weeks. They nearly made full use of their numerical advantages, failing only once in nine man ups. Not so the Saints, who were found wanting, when they scored four times from a total of twelve extra player occasions.

Sliema were on top in every session played. After establishing a three goal advantage in the opening period, they went in at the interval on an 8-4 score. San Giljan changed their custodian at the interval, with keith schembri going in vice Dino camilleri, but things didn’t go for the better, as Sliema scored the same number of goals till the end of the match. The Blues gave a debut to Edward Meli, who reciprocated with a late goal. They also had Nikolai Lubrano with his highest total yet in the top division, four strikes. San Giljan had the game’s best scorer, with Nikola Sutic putting in five goals, three of them in the final session.

San Giljan: D. Camilleri, JC Cutajar 1, N. Sutic 5, K. Galea, F. Trajkovic 2, K. Dowling, L. Grixti, A. Bianchi 1, M. Borg Spiteri, C. Gialanze 1, P. Fava, A. Galea , K. Schembri

Sliema: R. Coleiro, E. Meli 1, N. Lubrano 4, R. Fodor 2, M. Meli 3, J. Soler 1,D. Paolella 1, M. Spiteri Staines, C. Debono 2, M. Rizzo 1, B. Rath 1, J. Spiteri Staines, D. Abela

Referees: M. Angileri, L. Castagnola

Valletta Dhalia 9 – Marsascala 16

Marsascala increased their already substantial lead, at the top of the table. On their side, the Citizens were already sure of a place in the final, for the second tier crown. They had Giorgio Sammut injured and Simon Cachia abroad. Marsascala still had a game on their hands till the interval, when Valletta were only a goal behind, at 5-6, and even enjoyed a brief advantage in the second session.

The next two sessions were clearly in Marsascalas favour, as they increased their advantage, and they finished the match on a top note. In Milos Koralji, they had a match winner. He is also the 2nd Division best scorer yet. He scored seven goals, with Claudio Spiteri de Barro and Ranier Scerri chipping in with three more each. Alessandro di Somma also scored a hat trick for Valletta.

The Citizens only managed to score once in four man ups, but Marsascala were more prolific, with five goals in seven numerical advantages.

Valletta: A. Sammut, A. di Somma 3, M. Camilleri, R. Munkascy 1, K. Micallef, A. Galea 2, K. Hyzler, T. Agius 1, S. Cini 1, A. Arrigo, G. Ghirxi 1, M. Axiak

Marsascala: E. Arrigo, C. Spiteri de Barro 3, M. Pace, Mil. Koralji 7, D. Caruana 1, S. Farrugia, J. Licari, J. Cremona, S. Micallef 1, R. Scerri 3, D. Cassa 1r,
O. Zammit, Mih. Koralji

Referees: M. Dalli, R. Spiteri


  1. True_Red says:

    Maltese waterpolo misses a player like Xellugi.  Unfortunately at the moment there aren’t many players as good as him; as a neptunes supporter I hope the rumours of him joining sliema next year are wrong, as i think its very important for maltese waterpolo to have strong teams besides neptunes and sliema, and by selling xellugi  they will be diminishing those chances.  with 2 good foreigners like they have at the moment, with the return of xellugi, and maybe two young maltese promising players I think san giljan can really have a say next year.  this is only beneficial for local waterpolo, and therefore I hope that xellugi comes back stronger than before.  what happened two years ago regarding the suspension has passed, and theres no point talking about these things, before that he was definetly one of the top players, top 5 for sure. lets hope for the benefit of maltese waterpolo that he comes back and actually stays with san giljan; but if he leaves i hope he comes with neptunes, as he will only make us stronger, and he already had a spell with us where he did relatively well.

    regarding stevie there is no doubt that he is the best maltese player at the moment (might go on to be the best player ever at this rate).  the fact that he ends up top scorer every year, plays with a top 4 team in the best waterpolo league in the world, and the fact that he scores many goals for malta shows he truly is the number 1.  i think all supporters are aware of this, whether of san giljan, sliema sirens…….ppl may not like him, but you have to respect the talent that he has, and he is making malta proud with his performances abroad.


  2. matthew zammit aka xellugi says:

    i love you all.. :) ..   @ henry borg… nafx jekk ma ilhaqtx segretarju tijaj..jekk ija ma nafx bijk..pero jekk ifirmajtli xi kuntrat ma team iehor fismi ajdli ta hi halli inkun naf fejn qijed..

    btw…a big well done goes to stevie..ur making all maltese waterpolo players proud :)


    belti Reply:

    were waiting for u xellugi GOODLUCK


  3. stop watch says:

    we’re waiting supporter!! aqta x’biza ghandna!


  4. san pawl says:

    stevie hu u jibqa LAHJAR Player fil waterpolo malti ….HADD mandu lesperjenza u KWALITA  li andu da wara kollox spicca TOP SCORER mat tim tijaw bogliasco fl italja flewwel stagun tijaw u din is sena spicca 2nd top scorer wara nossek …mur ajdlu jamel hekk ix xellugi 


    supporter Reply:

    u aqtahha naqra naqra intom is sirens ilhin kollu taqaw an nejk ibda min dan il jakbin fleshy u bil kumitat kollhu ! is sahha li andu ix xellugi awn malta hadd mandu


    Supporter veru Reply:

    Ghandek ragun . Imma issa kulhadd sar jaf ghaliex kien iktar b’sahhtu mil pleyers l-ohra.


    san pawl Reply:

    jiena man zomx mas sirens ta siehbii …nghix san pawl u inzomma ma LAQWA  tim u li aw malta bhalissa :)  

  5. san pawl says:

    yee we would love to see how the scoring list looks please :)  


  6. True Red says:

    Could you post a list of league scorers ?


    supporter Reply:

    Dan kollu biex tara stevie top scorer true red veru bravu wait for XELLUGI 


    H2O Reply:

    Xellugi lanqas naf minhu. Kemm tghiru ghalina jahasra


    Henry Borg Reply:

    xellugi qas ha jkun makom is sena li gejja anyway siehbi…

    supporter Reply:

    waqajt an nejk henry jaqaw ilhaqt sahhar jew kemm sirt tifem da lahhar aaaaa veru injurant

    Henry Borg Reply:

    hsibtu sejjer mal bogliasco :P

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