Sliema Hotsticks Under-12 Champions 2012-13

Tuesday, June 4, 2013, 9:15
Under-12 Champions!

Posted: 02 Jun 2013 09:08 AM PDT

Sliema Hotsticks Under-12 Champions 2012-13

Sliema Hotsticks Under-12 Champions 2012-13


Sliema Hotsticks claimed this year’s Under-12 league title in style, two years after their last success in the same category. With nine wins in ten matches, thirty-two goals scored and only two conceded, Hotsticks brought home the twenty-second junior title in the club’s history.

Christ Agius was the team’s most prolific scorer with 21 goals. At the other end, Luke Bonnici safeguarded the Sliema goal with his outstanding performances. Both players proved to be among the most promising players of the club. These were well supported by the experience of the team’s eldest player, Shania Galea.

Hostsicks have been fielding a number of foreign players in recent years. The Dutch twins, Marnix and Bastiaan Rasterhoff, were among the protagonists of this unforgettable season. So much so that the team registered its only defeat the only time they were away. Finish player Ilmari Edelmann and Hungarian Jacky Szephalmi were two newcomers who integrated well with the team, auguring well for the future.

There is much more to this team. The determination and passion of Sven Agius, the sportsmanship and clean play of Matthew Camenzuli, together with the versatility of nine-year-old Alec Newell completed the team. Newell also managed to mark his first hat-trick for the club in yesterday’s match against Young Stars.

Also with the team were a number of younger players who gained a lot of experience throughout the season. These were the volcanic goalkeeper Mark De Marco, Kurt Bonnici and Claydon Mifsud.

All this was only possible thanks to the dedicated services and commitment of Coach Ludolf and Coach Robert. Managing this variegated and multicultural team, together with the many difficulties that cropped up throughout the entire season, was no easy task. The title was the end result of a great success story.


Results 2012-13

Round 1
Sliema Hs vs Stelmar 2 – 0 (Agius Christ 2)
Stelmar Hs vs Qormi 0 – 2
Sliema Hs vs Young Stars 4 – 0 (Agius Christ 2, Agius Sven, Newell Alec)
Sliema Hs Qormi 3 – 0 (Agius Christ 3)
Stelmar Hs vs Young Stars 2 – 0 (Lucia Michele, Sciberras Kyle)

Round 2
Stelmar Hs vs Qormi 0 – 3
Sliema Hs vs Stelmar Hs 2 – 0 (Agius Christ, Rasterhoff Marnix)
Sliema Hs vs Qormi 3 – 0 (Agius Christ 3)

Round 3
Sliema Hs vs Qormi 0 – 2
Sliema Hs vs Young Stars 7 – 0 (Agius Christ 4, Edelmann Ilmari, Bonnici Kurt, Galea Shania)

Round 4
Stelmar Hs 0 Qormi 1
Sliema Hs 6 Young Stars 0 (Newell Alec 3, Agius Christ 2, Rasterhoff Bastiaan)
Sliema Hs 4 Stelmar 0 (Agius Christ 3, Rasterhoff Bastiaan)
Stelmar Hs 1 Young Stars 0 (Camilleri Luke)
Sliema Hs 1 Qormi 0 (Agius Christ)


Agius Christ – 21
Newell Alec – 4
Rasterhoff Bastiaan – 2
Agius Sven – 1
Bonnici Kurt – 1
Edelmann Ilmari – 1
Galea Shania – 1
Rasterhoff Marnix – 1

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