Sliema ASC winners of National Swimming Championships

Friday, July 26, 2019, 7:37

The 2019 National Swimming Championships were held between the 10th and 13th July. This brought to end the 2018/19 season for the many swimmers who practice this sport with so much dedication, as well as their club coaches and the co-operative parents in such a demanding sport.

The upsurge in interest was witnessed on the stands, with the 4 sessions being well attended, while the number of clubs and swimmers participating in the sport has also increased.

The highlight of the Championships this year was the emergence of the Sliema ASC team, which has won the Championship for the first time in over three decades. It was the depth of strength of Sliema ASC that featured in these championships as they won the majority of relay events and several other top medal placings. This was the result of a 5-year plan put together by the club, spare headed by Director of Swimming, Mr Alfred Cachia, assisted by Kevin Casaru and Francesca Paolella, as well as the other coaches, Anna Goncharenko, Jeffrey Galea and Julain Harding.

From the outset it was evident that this would be a three-horse race at the front with Neptunes, Sirens and Sliema piling up the medals. The medal tally was also reflected in a points system with each placing in the first 8 positions garnering points for the team. Sliema ASC edged ahead from the very first day, with excitement reaching a peak with the Relay races at the end of each day’s events.

With the passing of each day Sliema never flagged, furthermore dominating in the male relays winning gold in all four events, plus also taking Gold in the two Mixed Relays. The fourth and last day saw Sliema increasing their tally and after male and mixed Relays at the end, Sliema ASC were declared Champions both on medal tally as well as points accrued.

The National Team swimmers also gave National Coach, Artem Goncharenko, some encouraging results reflecting a very serious preparation.

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