Sliema Aquatic Sports Club Club Statement 14th January 2015

Monday, January 19, 2015, 17:11

In the light of recent media reports concerning the National team, Sliema A.S.C. would like to clarify the matter and set out the facts.

Sliema A.S.C. has always supported the National team and is determined to keep on doing so. It is an honour for the club to have its players represent our country.

While the National team selection is officially notified to the clubs, the training schedule is neither discussed with the clubs nor notified to them. As a result, when Sliema A.S.C. commenced its 2015 training schedule, it did not have any position on the matter since there was no formal position taken by the association to accept or otherwise. Despite indicating that it would convene a meeting with clubs to discuss the matter, such a meeting was never held by the Aquatic Sports Association.

Sliema A.S.C. National team players duly attended the National team’s first training session on Wednesday the 7th of January since such session was indicated in the notice of selection. On Friday the 9th of January, given that it was only the club’s third training session and National team commitments are a month away, the Sliema players trained with the club and not the National team, as instructed by the club. At no point did Sliema A.S.C. indicate that its players were going to miss further National team training sessions.


The club would like to emphasise that it has no intention of disrupting the National team’s program but simply requested a meeting in order for the respective schedules to be discussed and agreed upon accordingly.

Given the Association’s reluctance to discuss the matter, on the evening of Friday the 9th of January, the club verbally requested a meeting with the Association to discuss the matter and avoid the same impasse in the future so that the National team could continue with its preparation. On Sunday evening the association refused this request and proceeded to omit Sliema A.S.C. players from the National squad. A further meeting request for the matter to be discussed formally was made on Monday by Sliema A.S.C. president together with the president of another club. The Aquatic Sport Association, via its president, has rejected this request stating that such meeting would be superfluous and that it is only willing to discuss future selections, thus closing the door for formal discussions on the matter without the discussions having ever commenced.

In the light of statements released by the National team coach, Sliema A.S.C. would like to clarify three points:


1. Sliema A.S.C. players were never made unavailable and indeed are still available if called up to the National team;

2. The Sliema A.S.C. first team coach is yet to take a formal position in relation to the National team training schedule given that this has not yet been discussed as explained above;

3. Sliema A.S.C. never specified, formally or informally, that it was only making its players available for one training session per week with the National team.


In truth, Sliema A.S.C. players were dropped from the National team squad by the Association after missing just one training session as explained above and not because they were rendered unavailable by Sliema A.S.C.

Sliema A.S.C. hopes that common sense can prevail and that an amicable solution is found as soon as possible in order for the National team to be able to prepare for next month’s commitments in the best possible manner.


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