Sliema and San Giljan notch up huge wins

Sunday, June 17, 2012, 17:34

By Gerald Fenech

Sliema McDonalds 29 Ta’ Xbiex Amigos 7

(6-0), (10-3), (6-2), (7-2)

As expected Sliema McDonalds completely trounced Ta’ Xbiex Amigos dominating each session with record scores. The first two sessions went 6-0 and 10-3 in favour of Sliema with Gabaretta, Brownrigg and Soler getting on the scoresheet.

The third session was another continuous procession with Sliema winning 6-2 while the final session ended up 7-2 also in favour of Sliema with the gaols coming from all angles but particularly from Rizzo, Spiteri Staines, Brownrigg and Paolella for a record final score of 29-7.

Sliema McDonalds: I Gergely, J Gabaretta (6), N Lubrano (2), P Privitera (2), M Meli (1), J Soler (3), D Paolella (3), J Brownrigg (3), C Debono, F Salamon (3), M Rizzo (3), M Spiteri Staines (3), R Coleiro

Ta’ Xbiex Amigos: L Borg, J Cremona, S Botond (2), A Galea, C Bugeja, K Galea, N Bonello Ghio, C Saliba, R Attard (1), O Zammit, Y Szeles (4)

Referees: P Giordano, M Angileri

Otters Nivea 4 San Giljan Giuseppe’s 15

(0-3), (1-4), (1-6), (2-2)

San Giljan Giuseppe’s had absolutely no problems in overcoming an unusually ineffectual Otters Nivea by the score of 15-4.

In the first two sessions, San Giljan Giuseppe’s ran riot over Otters Nivea with the Saints scoring seven goals without reply until Otters scored in the dying seconds of the second session. San Giljan’s goals came from seven different players while the Gozitan team scored through Martin.

The third session was another one sided affair with San Giljan scoring six times to Otters’ one. Letica, Galea and Pisani all increased their goal tally for the Saints who controlled the session with ease. The final session was perhaps the most balanced ending up 2-2 for a final score of 4-15 in favour of San Giljan.

Otters Nivea: A Cachia, G Attard, GL Zammit, Z Radocz, S Dimech, M Balatoni (2), J Paris, A Cachia, K Scicluna, K Debattista, C Martin (2), E Farrugia, K Grima Scott

San Giljan Giuseppe’s: D Camilleri, JC Cutajar (1), D Abela, K Galea (5), B Plumpton, R Mock, B Letica (4), A Bianchi (1), K Mock, C Gialanze (1), P Fava, B Rath (1), M Pisani (2)

Referees: P Balzan, S Licari

Sirens Ritter Sport 19 Marsascala More 14

(5-2), (4-2), (5-5), (5-5)

Sirens Ritter Sport saw off a spirited challenge from Marsascala More where the first two sessions were crucial for the St Paul’s Bay team.

The first two sessions saw Sirens build up a healthy five goal lead as they dominated pretty much from the first whistle. Kiss and Jurgen Borg were among the scorers for Sirens while the Hungarian Szolt seemed to be keeping Marsascala in the match.

The third session was a thrilling affair with ten goals in it ending 5-5 with Kiss, Arpad and Kayes scoring regularly for Sirens and Marsascala respectively. The final session was also close ending 5-5 for a final score of 18-13 in favour of Sirens.

Sirens Ritter Sport: A Grech, A Attard (1), L Caruna, P Micallef, B Arpad (3), C Kiss (5), J Borg (3), D Cutajar, A Zarb Cousin, C Zammit (2), C Spiteri Debarro (2), D Zammit (2), N Grixti

Marsascala More: K Schembri, K Navarro, M Pace, B Muscat, J Kayes (6), L Grixti, J Licari (1), J Cremona (2), S Micallef, R Scerri (2), D Cassar, M Fenech (1), J Szolt (2)

Referees: M Dalli, I Sciriha

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