Sliema A.S.C. Annual Magazine 2009 is out

Wednesday, August 11, 2010, 14:19

The 14th Edition of the Sliema A.S.C. Annual Magazine which covers the Calendar Year 2009 was published recently and covers Sliema A.S.C. winning the Triple Crown of the First Division League, K.O. Competition and Winter League for 2009.

The Magazine provides a review of the Sliema A.S.C. 2009 season when Sliema A.S.C. won the 1st Division League Competition for the thirty-first time, the K.O. Competition for the twenty-fourth and the Winter League for the fourth time; thus winning a three major honours for the third time, also achieving the League and Cup double for the second consecutive year and for the thirteenth time.

The Sliema A.S.C. Under-19 team emulated their seniors by winning the League and Cup double in 2009 also achieving the feat of winning the double on two consecutive years, the ponly club to do so up to now.

Comprehensive coverage is given to the Sliema A.S.C. Swimming Section both at local and international levels.

Edited by Joe Anastasi, with the help of Stephen Pandolfino and Darren Saliba the 104 page magazine covers all aspects of life at the Sliema Pitch and contains over 500 photos especially taken for the magazine.

A new feature of this year’s edition is the double cover which was designed by 14year old Sam Urpani, a member of Sliema’s Under-16 team.

The Magazine is being distributed to members of Sliema A.S.C. and members may collect their copies from the Sliema A.S.C. Club Manager, Jeffrey Gauci or from Joe Anastasi; the magazine will be mailed to members who do not collect their copies by the 9th of August.

Extra copies of the magazine are available from Joe Anastasi on 9945 2820.

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