Sliema’s target is the Championship

Friday, July 30, 2010, 16:30

by Sandro Micallef

With the signing of five foreigners and the return of four loaned players back on the Sliema books the Blues have set their target. Their President Steve Abela revealed that he wants to win the Championship this season.

Speaking during a well attended press conference hosted at Le Meridien Hotel St. Julians the Sliema Wanderers FC president said that he believes that with such a strong team, led by an energetic coach like Mark Marlow, his team can be challenging for the top award at the end of the 2010/11 season. Abela said that the original three year plan which he had embarked upon is in its final year and it is obvious that the club has set such a target before the beginning of the new season which is set to kick off on 11th September 2010.

Steve Abela said that the club has already won the first official MFA competition by claiming the Euro Challenge Cup which was surely a morale booster for the players. When asked by the Times colleague Kevin Azzopardi about the possible transfer of Ivan Woods and Ian Azzopardi, Abela confirmed that there were requests for either loans or full transfer for these two players together with Failla from other clubs. (The interest was from Valletta FC for Azzopardi and Floriana FC for Woods). With regards to Henry Bonello, Abela was almost sure that a financial deal will soon be agreed to for the permanent transfer of 21 year old goalkeeper to Vittoriosa Stars. He added that Ian Ciantar will not be in the Sliema squad next season as the club agreed to grant the release to the player. can understand that Ciantar has been granted the release against past dues that the club might have had for the services the player rendered over the last season or two.

Abela unfortunately confirmed that Alex Muscat will be going under the knife as he will undergo knee surgery with a possible return after full rehab in February 2011.

Sliema coach Mark Marlow, who has been confirmed after his first spell with the Blues last season, said that the transfer market for the team was planned to have at least two or three players competing for each possible position. He almost gave a confirmation that U/21 Beppe Muscat will be handed a permanent right back role through the season.

Below are the names of the new signings of Sliema Wanderers FC, including the four players who have returned from loan to other Clubs.

Victor Stentpetri – Goalkeeper (Hungary)

Ini Etim Akpan – Goalkeeper (Nigeria)

Soure Sekou Tidiane – Central defender (Ivory Coast)

Valdo Goncalves Alhinho – Midfielder (Portugal)

Obinna Obiefule – Striker (Nigeria)

Adam Spiteri – Returns from Msida SJ

Miguel Ciantar – Returns from Msida SJ

Beppe Muscat – Returns from Vittoriosa S.

Roderick Bajada – Returns from Marsaxlokk (still injured)

Short Video Clip : Sliema Wds Press Conference

De De of Dr. Mifsud for Sliema ?

When asked by if Sliema Wanderers have taken a public stand regarding their preference in view of the MFA’s Presidential election, the Sliema President said “Our delegates will both vote for the person that we think can regenerate Maltese football”. When pressed to mention a name, Abela intelligently dribbled the question by simply replying that his previous answer was to be quoted. Abela confirmed that it will be himself as President and Keith Perry who will vote in the 7th August MFA election for the 2011/13 term.

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