Sirens youths in intensive training camp

Friday, December 31, 2010, 14:32

20 young Sirens ASC athletes attended an intensive two night training camp held at the MFA swimming complex. These athletes underwent a training programme set by head coach Davina Mangion assisted by Daniela Deguara.

In addition to the intensive swimming programme, land training sessions were also held. The team of athletes watched swimming video footage discussed nutrition information, became aware of communication needs, and carried out team building activities.

During their leisure time athletes visited the national ground and tested their skills in badger carting. The Sirens team was assisted by the MFA administration staff including manager Nunzio Frendo.

The Training Camp proved to be a great success. Hopefully this programme together with others will become a Sirens Calendar event.


  1. emma says:

    I just wanted to say thank you for a great training camp. I thoroughly enjoyed it, learned a lot and was very impressed with everyone’s dedication


  2. antonio scardino says:

    Thank you Ms.Davina ! ! ! I
    loved every second of it ,even the extremely hard training!!i also want to thank Ms.Daniela and Ms Molnique.

    thanks once again,Antonio


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