Sirens turn the tables on San Giljan

Saturday, August 7, 2010, 9:25

In a breathtaking match yesterday evening, Sirens Ritter Sports were heading towards yet another loss this season against San Giljan Firetech, but things changed dramatically in the final session.

Izzo’s men knew that this was a game that would keep them in contention for third place this season while Risso & Co wanted to stamp their authority on the third spot which is also being challenged by Exiles.

Sirens captain and match winner David Cutajar

Sirens captain and match winner David Cutajar

San Giljan had an injured Edward Aquilina in their lineup, but Heiko Nossek finally showed his worth this season, putting no less than 7 goals past Sammut. Nossek’s prowess in front of goal helped power the Balluta side to a comfortable 8-3 half time lead, and with a number of Sirens’ key players on two fouls all looked plain sailing. Izzo changed things around in the third session, putting Vasovic as last man and opting for press tactics and this started to reap its dividends as San Giljan’s marksmen could not find the net as easily as they did before. With the score reading 9-5 in San Giljan’s favour, Vasovic missed a penalty for Sirens, but video footage showed that the ball had in fact crossed the imaginary goal line.

San Giljan did not manage to keep their 4 point advantage in the final session and have only themselves to blame, especially when Gialanze saw his close range shot saved by Sammut giving way for the Sirens comeback. Vasovic scored from half pitch and Attard made it 9-7 with a fantastic strike with 3:44 on the clock. The young Attard flicked in a Jurgen Borg cross and Vasovic slipped away from Gialanze’s marking to slam the ball into the net and grab the equaliser with the San Giljan supporters urging their players to wake up.

From a man-up situation, Sirens’ Jurgen Borg put his team ahead for the first time with 1:02 left in the match, but Nossek made it 10-10 with 22 seconds left in the game. The drama wasn’t over though when Varga’s shot was saved by Camilleri, but from a man-up situation veteran David Cutajar grabbed the winner when he lobbed the ball over the defending Bianchi and Camilleri.

Sirens were nervous throughout the game as they felt let down by a number of referee calls, and in fact one of their players even shouted “L’hanno comprato questo arbitro, cento percento” (I am 100% sure that they have bribed the referee). At one point in the last session Sirens were livid when referee Dalli did not whistle for a blatant foul committed by San Giljan keeper Camilleri on Clint Mercieca.

Final Score: San Giljan Firetech 10 Sirens Ritter Sports 11
(3-1), (5-2), (1-2), (1-6)

San Giljan Firetech: Camilleri D, Spiteri Debarro C, Pace M, Galea K, Gialanze C (1), Dowling K, Nossec H (7), Bianchi A, Aquilina E (1), Scerri R, Fava P, Toth M (1), Schembri K

Sirens Ritter Sports: Sammut J, Attard A (2), Spiteri Staines J, Borg P, Mercieca C (1), Mock R, Varga T (2), Cutajar D (1), Borg J (1), Zammit C (1), Vasovic Y (3), Zammit D, Arrigo E

Also played yesterday: Marsascala Solid Base 15 – Marsaxlokk SC 10
(6-2), (3-2), (2-3), (4-3)


  1. steve says:

    jien ukoll waqt loghba kont dizgustat min 2 officjali tal-kumitat ta sirens specjalment min john farrugia u 2 supporters li kwazi kienu hdejh kliem kontra referee u kontra coach mhux xieraq ta bniedem li qejed fil-kumitat


  2. Chris Bonnici says:


    I did not need to read this article to hear the learn about what was said because i was watching a repeat of this game on TV and heard it LOUD AND VERY CLEAR! I also believe that journalists should report such happenings because they are of interest to all those who follow the sport…just getting to know the score and who scored is not real reporting. journalists are our eyes and ears during these events.


    h20 Reply:

    im not sticking up for the player who said the words…..
    definatley not he should have never said them and if he did he should be punished accordingly fined suspended or even taken to court by the referee or san giljan if need be, since it is a serious matter.

    and im not saying you mute it while the game was on or interrupt what was said during the interview….

    I am just saying that it should not have been reported that way saying word by word what the player said and even translated for those who maybe do not understand italian…….

    it is too damaging on the club and as the feedback on this articles shows it sparks controversary and people to feel attacked and offended


  3. h20 says:

    whatever was said in the pool, should remain there… it is not fair on the team that this website published such an article stating those words, even if the player did in fact say them.
    sometimes during a game adrenaline might make you say things you don’t mean and that you don’t want to say.
    If he did indeed say these comments it is up to the ASA to investigate. and fine and suspend accordingly

    [Sportinmalta] Thank you for your comment – As you might appreciate tries to give its readers an accurate picture of what happened during a game. The player in question blatantly shouted the comment out loud for all to hear. You would be perfectly right if this website published a comment that was overheard in the dressing room, but unfortunately this was not the case. Besides, the Sirens coach was also very vocal about the refereeing in a live interview on TV … should the TV producers have ceased transmission at that point because what is said at the pool should remain at the pool?


  4. oliver says:

    fans want to see the beautiful game officiated in the right way: fairly, properly and without bias. You can argue that every referee is human and makes mistakes, but sometimes some referee decisions are in doubt


  5. Diamond says:

    Il-qasba ma ccaqcaqx ghalxejn jghidu….


    steve Reply:

    qabel ma tparla fil-vojt kun ghaf l-ewwel ahna qatt ma amilnihom u qatt mhux se namluhom dawn affarijit ta kieku minnek ma nparlax fil-vojt diamond ta .xi hsibtna lilna inti jekk rajt loghba referee tkecca platyer u qabad u dahal ma qabel kien ghadda hin u tahx penalty ta


    steve Reply:

    xi hsibtna lilna inti ah ahna dawn affarijiet ma namluhomx u mhux se namluhom ghadt ta diamond u oqod attent kif tparla isma minni biex thammeg club ta jekk rajt loghba l-ewwel session referee amel zball kbir kontrina ta


  6. steve says:

    dawk huma rimarki serji li ghamel barrani ta sirens ahna dawn affarijit ma namluhomx x`hasibna dan player li ghax jamlu hekk f`pajjizu namlu hekk ahna jew .


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