Sirens swimmer Antonio Scardino overcomes the fear of the water

Tuesday, November 1, 2011, 12:24

Following some difficult times during his early years, Antonio developed a deep dislike for water.  Not sure if this could be categorised as a phobia but Antonio was scared stiff of getting anywhere near water.  Bath time was an ordeal and washing hair could only be achieved by wrapping the child in a large towel amidst piercing screaming and crying.

Antonio’s parents were extremely frustrated because they could not find a cause for this dislike. Moreover, getting Antonio to learn how to swim increasingly appeared to be a very distant milestone.

However, his parents persisted, primarily because of their concern for the child’s safety, and slowly things started to improve.  By the age of 4, Antonio would venture for a dip in the sea – clinked to his father but still shaking.  In order not to lose the progress made, Antonio was enrolled to swimming lessons during the winter. However, progress was extremely slow and it was evident that the child was grappling with an environment that he was not comfortable in.

At the age of 8, Antonio moved on to the Sirens Swimpolo Nursery, where a group of dedicated coaches continued to develop on the foundations built until then.  Antonio gradually started venturing into proper swimming and was introduced to swimming techniques, although the greatest achievement was the steady overcoming of his fears.

At the age of 11, Antonio has this year started training on a daily basis, with his coaches keeping particular focus on his technique. He is now competing all year round, clocking a Personal Best nearly in every swim meet.  One would consider this pretty average stuff, but when one considers how late Antonio started, and the difficulties that he had to overcome, his progress is remarkable.

It is never too late, and no goal is too difficult to reach.  With the friendly and professional approach offered by the Sirens Swimpolo Nursery technical team your personal goal may be a phone call away.

For further information, please contact the following:

Sirens Swimpolo Nursery on 79831919 or

Parents Mrs & Mr. Sharon Scardino on 79797559.

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