Sirens succumb to Neptunes’ goal machine

Saturday, August 13, 2011, 13:57

by Gerald Fenech

Neptunes Emirates continued with their 100 per cent record in the BOV Waterpolo First Division as they crushed Sirens 18-10. In the other match, Otters Nivea garnered their first victory of the season when they got the better of Ta’ Xbiex ASC.

Michele Stellini en route to scoring one of his two goals

Michele Stellini en route to scoring one of his two goals

Sirens Ritter Sports 10 – Neptunes Emirates 18

Neptunes opened up their six point advantage at the top once more, in their fifth consecutive victory over Sirens. The latter had young Nicholas Grixti in goal, in lieu of Joseph Sammut, who was getting married on the day. They knew their limitations, and played prudently, as they matched their opponents in the opening session, when they ground out four leads, with the champions levelling in all the occasions. From then the Neptunes machine pound out its superiority. By the halfway mark the champions had gone on to an 8-5 advantage, and they kept pressing on after the interval, as they outdistanced their adversaries, until they began to ease. After three sessions they had a double score, at 16-8. The last period provided the Neptunes’ bench players to have a taste of the match, with the score dwindling down at both ends.

Sirens had Csaba Kiss with a hatrick, and in their four man ups they converted half of them. Neptunes had Sean Gravina back, along with benji Lanzon, and their usual three suspects garnered the major part of their strikes. Steve Ca,illeri had a nap hand of goals, with their two foreigners, Vladimir Gojkovic and Tamas Molnar, each with a poker of goals.

Sirens: J. Sammut, A. Attard 1, P. Micallef, P. Borg, C. Kiss 3, R. Mock, J. Borg, D. Cutajar 1,G. Krstonosic 2, C. Zammit 2, L. Caruana, D. Zammit, C. Mercieca 1
Neptunes: I. Bugeja, N. Lanzon 2, E. Aquilina, M. Stellini 2, J. Camilleri 1, Z. Mizzi, S. Camilleri 5, V. Gojkovic 4, B. Lanzon, S. Gravina, R. Sciortino, T. Molnar 4,
M. Pisani
Referees: P. Balzan, L. Castagnola

Otters Nivea 15 – Ta Xbiex ASC 14
(1-4) (3-4)(7-2)(4-4)

At long last Otters broke their duck, and their first win in four matches, against Ta Xbiex, also took them off the bottom of the standings. It was Ta Xbiex with the better opening, with a three goal lead after the opening period, and at the interval they enjoyed a good 8-4 advantage. The match then took a different turn after the break, with the Gozitans taking only a session to overturn the scoreline, as they inched ahead of their opponents, at 11-10. In the last session Otters opened up their lead, to three goals, before a late burst had ta Xbiex going to just a goal behind.

In their five man ups Otters scored on three occasions, and their two players, Zoltan Radocz and Duncan Schembri, grabbed four goals each. Ta Xbiex also had five numerical advantages, scoring in two of them. In Yuri Szeles they had the game’s best scorer, with six goals, most of them coming in the last session.

Otters: J. Cremona, G. Attard 3, G. Zammit, P. Martin, D. Schembri 4, K. Scicluna, M. Balatoni 2, S. Dimech, Z. Radocz 4, A. Borg, C. Martin, S. Xerri,
K. Grima Scott 2
Ta Xbiex: L. Borg, M. Paris, S. Vassallo, C. Cluett 1, D. Borg, B. Muscat, T. Gyrovath 2, E. Bonello 3, M. Cordina 1, C. Saliba, R. Attard 1, JC Decelis, Y. Szeles 6
Referees: S. Licari, P. Giordano

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