Sirens Ritter Sports confirm trust in Izzo

Monday, August 2, 2010, 21:57

by Sandro Micallef

Siren's coach Karl Izzo

Siren's coach Karl Izzo

Sirens’ President Dr. Lino Vella and John Farrugia, better known as il-Flashy, had some hard thoughts over the weekend as they were faced with an awkward situation after the team’s coach Karl Izzo handed over his resignation. Izzo’s decision to hand in his resignation was linked to the recent lack of positive results and lack of good performances by his team. It seems that Izzo offered his resignation after his team’s game against Exiles, where the latter won 14-9.

With a unanimous decision the Sirens committee refused to accept Izzo’s resignation thus confirming their full trust in the ex-international player to continue to take care of the team for the rest of the season.

In the meantime close sources to the St. Paul’s Bay clan confirmed that the committee has expressed its official disappointment towards the two club’s foreigners namely Varga and Vasovic for their below average performances in the games they have played so far.


  1. the truth says:

    thats the price you pay for putting two big mouths together (Varga and Vasovic ). Karl Izzo has to take a great deal of the blame as im sure he had the bright idea of putting the two together in the same team


  2. John says:

    No situation will conceal the good work carried out this winter. All Sirens local players showed commitment and support throughout the campaign, and do not deserve the mouth of the so called ‘foreign players’. What should have been analysed by Varga is the amount of goals the Exiles foreign players have scored in that game, and would find out that they possibly are more worthy. Lets hope for their sake that they will perform this weekend.

    Karl, this is behind us now. Lets look forward. We can do it!!!!!


  3. John Pace says:

    I am a Sirens supporter from afar .. Karl pleae continue doing your work.
    We Sirens supporters have always known what the problem is..Whatever foreigners Sirens bring over they always let Sirens down. Obviously Sirens are ”unable” , diplomatically speaking to motivate them enough to perform to expectations, as say Sliema and Nepunes do. Non the less the foreignerrs brought over by Exiles and San Giljan too seem highly motivated these last two years .

    Sirens lack that ”incentive” which ” superior,” waterpolo teams seem to have .
    Karl please keep motivating Sirens young players to perform and reach new standards, the way Stevie Camilleri did . Thank you .

    Commitee please consider sending the foreiners packing if they do not bring a win against San Giljan . Foreigners have always been a waste of money for sirens unfortunately .


  4. oliver says:

    Word of courage to Karl by Winston Churcill
    “Courage is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.”


  5. Chris says:

    I agree with this article, that the foreigners were a big let down.

    And yesterday on TV, Varga put the Maltese players of Sirens in a bad light by saying that it’s incomprehensible how only the foreigners scored in the team’s last outing. Vergogna Varga.

    If these two foreigners talked less and played more in the pool then Sirens would be in 3rd place.


  6. joshua cacciattolo says:

    It a hard time Karl. but you will be stronger


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