Sirens present new kit and foreign players

Monday, July 12, 2010, 11:09

Sirens have officially launched the new kit for the 2010 competitions at Eurosport Complex. Furthermore, during the ceremony Sirens ASC
presented the 3 new players added to the current squad, which include Tamas Varga, Yugo Vasovic and James Spiteri Staines.

In his speech, Dr.Carmelino Vella, congratulated the team for the performance in the first three games of the season and added that with a little more effort the club can start to obtain the first points of the season as from the next fixtures. He stated that the objective of the club is not simply to maintain its place in the First Division, but as recent matches shown, since there is little difference in quality between the clubs, Sirens ASC must do their utmost to obtain the maximum.

He added that it is the Committee’s duty to strengthen the team whilst maintaining faith in the local players. John Attard, added to what has been said before, by stating that while he has never worked with such a united group, where even the foreign based players found no difficulty to integrate themselves within the group, he insisted that a little extra effort was to be made in the pitch to change this strong unity into something positive for the club, that is obtaining the results desired.

He agreed with President Dr.Carmelino Vella that the objective of the club was to obtain as much points possible and to build on for next season. At the end of the event, the new kits were presented together with the new main sponsor for the upcoming season, Ritter Sports. Present for the ceremony was Jaked agent Mr. Fabian Catania, who presented the club with the new technical material.

Any supporters interested in buying the Official Sirens ASC products are to contact a member of the
Committee for reservations.

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