Sirens and Sliema avoid unexpected results this week

Saturday, June 26, 2010, 22:50

With the four big teams, Sliema, Neptunes, San Giljan and Sirens facing the minnows once again this week the four top teams all kept their pace at the top of the table before next week’s hotter encounters that will help to shape the standings.

Sirens 14 – Marsascala 11
(2-2), (5-4), (3-2), (4-3)

Earlier this week Marsascala nearly pulled a surprise victory against Sirens in a tight game that the St. Pauls Bay team won with 14 goals against Marascala’s 11 goals. The first session was very balanced with both teams sharing four goals but from then on Sirens built a small advantage that took them till the end. Marsascala had their chances and with Koralji and Botong in fine form they managed to keep the pace but in the end, the experience of Izzo’s men got them through a tricky fixture.

Sliema's John Soler, 5 goals for him this weekend

Sliema's John Soler, 5 goals for him this weekend

Ta’ Xbiex 5 – Exiles 20
(2-4), (1-2), (1-6), (1-8)

In the second mid-week game Exiles warmed up for their important clash against Sliema in the weekend and did so by putting 20 goals past Exiles in a game which didn’t have much of a story, with 14 of those goals coming in the two final sessions. Ta’ Xbiex kept the right amount of pressure on Exiles in the first two sessions, with the half time score reading 6-3 in Exiles’ favour but after the break, Exiles upped their game and never looked back.

San Giljan Firetech 18 – Marsascala Solid Base 11
(5-1), (4-5), (4-1), (5-4)

In Saturday’s first game Marascala looked pretty solid against San Giljan, but the first and third sessions proved to be pivotal for San Giljan to swing the game in the Balluta side’s way. Aquilina was once again pivotal for San Giljan with 4 goals while Toth showed his scoring prowess with 8 goals to keep San Giljan’s winning streak at three wins from three matches.

San Giljan Firetech: Camilleri D, Spiteri Debarro C, Pace M (1), Galea K (3), Gialanze C (1), Dowling K, Nossec H (1), Bianchi A, Aquilina E (4), Scerri R, Fava P (1), Toth M (8), Schembri K

Marsascala Solid Base: Sciortino R, Cutajar JC, Botond S (3), Koralji M (3), Borg Spiteri M (1), Grixti L, Licari J (1), Cremona J, Micallef S (2), Agius T (1), Attard R, Pace G, Bonnici J

Neptunes Emirates 20 – Ta’ Xbiex Mermaids Paradise 2
(8-0), (3-0), (5-2), (4-0)

The score says it all and once again shows the great divide that at times exists between the top teams and the smaller ones. With Neptunes expecting the arrival of star player Vlado Vujasinovic in the coming days, Neptunes rested their two foreigners for most of the match as in a week’s time they prepare to face Sirens, San Giljan and Sliema in a space of 7 days. This will be an important week for coach Mrakoc who will be able to work with Vujasinovic and Co ahead of the three most important games for them for this first round.

Neptunes Emirates: Gouder N, Lanzon N, Micallef K, Stellini M (4), Camilleri D (1), Lanzon B (1), Camilleri S (5), Camilleri J (3), Buhagiar B, Gornagy M (2), Mizzi Z, Molnar T (3), Pisani M (1)

Ta’ Xbiex Mermaids Paradise: Xuereb A, Cachia S, Caruana D, Farrugia A, Lubrano GL, Bugeja C, Tabone J (1), Bonello E, Gabriel D, Galea A, Azzopardi I, Spiteri M, Gyrovath T (1)

Sliema McDonalds 17 – Exiles Jet Services 10
(0-3), (5-4), (7-1), (5-2)

In the last game of the weekend, a stunned Sliema side went in to the break with an unexpected 7-5 deficit and therefore knew that they needed to react to be able to turn the game around to avoid a surprise loss to Exiles. In fact, Afric’s men were on another planet in the last two sessions when they put no less than twelve goals past Borg Cole with ex-Neptunes Kunac and Malta stalwarth Soler notching 9 goals between them. On Thursday Sliema will face San Giljan in the first top of the table clash this season which will also be determining for the final league standings

Sliema McDonalds: Coleiro R, Gabaretta J (1), Lubrano N, Spiteri Staines M, Meli M, Soler J (5), Paolella D, Brownrigg J (2), Debono C (1), Kunac A (4), Rizzo M (1), Rath B (3), Bianchi A

Exiles Jet Services: Borg Cole A, Rizzo Naudi J, Fenech J, Bonca C (4), Sullivan T (1), Calleja M, Paris J (2), Grixti K, Zarb Cousin A, Cousin A (3), Vassallo S, Cini S, Lanzon K

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