Simon Giordmaina travels to the United States to participate in the US Finals‏

Wednesday, October 29, 2014, 16:49

Simon Giordmaina, a name synonymous with Hal Far Raceway with his impeccable bike has been a regular winning feature within the local scene. His participation is not limited locally, Simon has also been racing in the UK and also Germany where he featured and placed extremely well. He is now taking a bigger leap and participate with his bike in the US, the World Finals with Mirock Series at Rockingham Dragway, North Carolina. The bike was shipped and has arrived in the US. The bike is being further tuned and tested to acclimatise with the track, registering a stunning 7.04 second, recording 206 mph top speed. The bike is being looked after by five time world champion Rodney Williford. Besides myself I will have accompanying me Joseph Grima from Gozo who will also be taking part in the event racing my bike. This will be a lifetime achievement of two locals taking part in a US event. Our objective will be of closing in on the 7:00 sec run but if we manage to drop further the time it will definitely be a plus sign for us. The US event is considered the Top Level of Bike drag racing anywhere in the world so basically this is the ultimate in drag racing performance. Participating with major big teams is already a plus sign let alone obtain an excellent result which is definitely our objective.

Simon will be leaving to the US this coming Wednesday.

Simon commented: We have all prepared well for this incredible event, now it is all up to us from driver to tuner, bike and track to get our act together and achieve our objective of registering an excellent result. Permit to thank all my local and International support that has urged me forward to take this step. Also thanking both our families whose Support was just incredible and for sure our excellent result will be dedicated to them.

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