Should Maltese clubs consider placing player names on their shirt?

Thursday, June 3, 2010, 9:51

from Gordon Attard

After so many years, Malta’s football community still haven’t figured out why and when we are going to see player names on the back of clubs’ shirts.

Michael Mifsud's personalised shirt while playing for Coventry

Michael Mifsud's personalised shirt while playing for Coventry

It is a feature that will surely help many and in many aspects; not only for journalists commenting the battle on the field but also for recognition, fans, exposure, merchandise, foreign eyes, football agents, scouts and others. If I remember well, we saw our national team once or twice playing with the symbolic red shirt with names written on their back above their favourite selected number. Why couldn’t we see that in the next friendlies and qualifiers? Is it because of some UEFA/FIFA regulations? We see practically most of the other national teams play in international matches with their names on their shirts.

Once, I heard that Maltese clubs won’t do that because of sponsors, as they prefer to put a sponsor instead of a player’s name. Did you ever notice that Swedish, Norwegian or German Lower Leagues among others have their club sponsors logos printed all over their shirt and their shorts plus they have player names printed on their shirts as well? Some prefer to do it above and some do it below the player’s actual number.

Locally, we have certain popular surnames found among different players of a particular team like Borg, Agius, Attard etc … something which could create confusion with who is who. This can be fixed by a simple addition of a player’s initial first name letter to the surname eg; L. Agius. Nowadays, all Maltese Clubs allow their players to choose their favourite number till number 99; so why couldn’t they add their full names on their club shirts making it more unique and recognizable especially from stadium stands and our LCD screens at home or in the bars?

I am very much in favour of seeing such a thing being implemented in all Maltese Leagues and in our national team in the coming future; and you, what do you think?


  1. Michele Agius says:

    It probably saves money just in case the players ever change number, esp if youth players will only feature 1 game in the season.


  2. Ramon Azzopardi says:

    Naqbel 100%.. ma nafx x qed jistennew biex issir.. IL-Hamrun hekk laghbu fis semi final tat trophy bl-ismijiet fuq il-flokk u dehru sbieh.


  3. Paul Buhagiar says:

    Now this is very very interesting. I like it especially form a marketing perspective as this could generate some very good revenue for the clubs.

    Imagine having Valletta selling Michael Mifsud and Gilbert Agius shirts, or Birkirkara selling Trevor Cilia ones. It also makes an excellent souvenir and a fantastic buy for autograph hunters.

    Well done Gordon Attard for tackling this topic.


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