Shooting: Vincent Cassar wins Caesars Trophy

Wednesday, July 13, 2016, 0:27

Gavin Muscat

Vincent Cassar won the Caesars Trophy at the Southern Shooting Club in Hal Far on Sunday 10 July 2016, beating Reno Gatt in the Gold Medal Match with the score of 11/15 to 9/15.

Matthew Busuttil won the Bronze Medal Match with 9/15 hits as he defeated Sean Rizzo who managed 7/15.

In the semi-final, Cassar and Gatt scored 12/15 while Busuttil and Rizzo managed 10/15+4.

The two other shooters who did not make it through from the first competition stage – semi-final, were Pietro Monreale and Nicolas Carabott, who finished in fifth and sixth place, as they scored 10/15+3 and 9/15.

The Class results were the following;

Class A

Nicholas Carabott 43/50

Class B

Sean Rizzo 43/50

Matthew Busuttil 43/50

Reno Gatt 41/50

Class C

Pietro Monreale 44/50

Steve Azzopardi 35/50

Charlie Demanuele 32/50

Last Wednesday and Thursday, Maltese Trap shooters were competing in the European Championship at Lonato, Italy with Brian Galea scoring 116/125, Paul Formosa hitting 112/125 targets, while Nicholas Carabott managed 110/125.

The MSSF Shotgun Trap Programme will continue on Saturday, 16 July and Sunday, 17 July at the Bidnija Ranges with the third selection shoot for the Fazz’a Italian Cup 2016 Trap.

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