Sheffield United for Malta training camp

Saturday, March 13, 2010, 7:00

According to the website, English Championship side Sheffield United will be coming back to Malta for 6-day training camp between the 12 and 17 July 2010.

The club has also announced that have announced that holiday packagaes will be available to Blades fans to be able to accompany the team on this tour of Malta while at the same time combine it with a summer holiday. In their 2009 visit the Malta, Sheffield United brough over 400 supporters.

Activities that are planned as part of this package will include a supporters forum hosted by United Manager Kevin Blackwell, a beach BBQ attended by the players, a Blades training session open to the public and a Sheffield United pre-season game that will take place at the Gozo Stadium.

Kevin Blackwell said: “We are already looking forward to it and it will be good going back to a ‘known quantity’ for such an important part of our preparation. The island – and our sponsor – looked after us very well last year and I know that the fans who went also appreciated everything that was put on for us all.”

Mike Farnan, the Sheffield United Executive Director overseeing the club’s visit to Malta, said: “The feedback from Blades fans after last year’s tour of Malta was fantastic. We’re hoping their experience will encourage a large contingency of supporters to attend this year’s event.

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  1. mark Scicluna says:

    good job mta and kevin drake. I just realised that the Gozo Stadium has just undergone a drastic facelift most prob the investment has been done cos of the vivac world cup and could serve well also for shefielde – mark.


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