Sergio Afric announces National team squad

Tuesday, March 15, 2011, 6:30

National Water Polo coach Sergio Afric has selected a squad of 18 players to commence preparation for the forthcoming European Championship games against Turkey (home on Tuesday 28th June 2011) and Poland (away on Saturday 2nd July 2011).

Sergio Afric

Sergio Afric

Malta’s Group A consists of 3 teams – Poland, Turkey and Malta where the top two  teams will qualify for the next round.  So far, Malta has beaten Poland at home and lost to Turkey (away). One positive result this year could mean that Malta will qualify for the 2nd round of the European Waterpolo Championships where the final rounds will be held in 2012 in the city of Eindhoven.

The selected players are:

Bianchi Andrea (San Giljan)

Borg Cole Alan (Exiles)

Borg Peter (Sirens)

Camilleri Jordan (Neptunes)

Camilleri Stevie (Bogliasco)

Coleiro Ryan (Sliema)

Cutajar David (Sirens)

Debono Clint (Sliema)

Galea Karl (San Giljan)

Gravina Sean (Neptunes)

Lanzon Niki (Neptunes)

Lubrano Nicolai (Sliema)

Pisani Matthew (Neptunes)

Privitera Paul (Sliema)

Rizzo Michael (Sliema)

Soler John (Sliema)

Stellini Michele (Neptunes)

Sullivan Timmy (Exiles)

In mid-May the squad is expected to have a training camp in Sicily as a preparation for the forthcoming international games.


  1. rb says:

    where has sliema’s mark meli gone! he should definetly improve the malta squad.


  2. sirens supporter says:

    After sirens victory against MALTA (sliema) 6-5 should there be more players of sirens participating with the national team? i think there is proof now that sirens players are worth something. 
    P.S. said MALTA near sliema because 6 players of sliema play with malta and only 2 are chosen from Sirens. 
    The maltese national team neads to be improved imidiately 


  3. ds says:

    I believe Mark Meli together with other Sliema player Jerome Gabarretta are currently unvailable due to commitments overseas. It also seems that John Brownrigg is injured. The article states that the squad selected was for ‘preparation’ purposes. I would imagine the players mentioned above together with players from other teams who are currently unavailable will be considered for selection in the near future.


  4. robert grima says:

    what about mark meli?


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