Seminar for match officials, mentors and referee observers

Monday, February 13, 2012, 14:23

The refereeing sector within the Malta Football Association is constantly engaged in unearthing talented match officials and improving their standard, thus enabling them to discharge their duties more efficiently on the field of play.

The latest initiative in this regard is currently under way with a Talent and Mentor Programme 2011-2013 setting a wider scene for a two-day seminar bearing the same name – Talent and Mentoring.

The venue of the seminar to be held, on Friday and Saturday, 28 and 29 January, is the Centenary Hall, Ta’ Qali.

UEFA Instructor and CORE (Centre of Refereeing Excellence) Coach, Mr Jørn West Larsen fromDenmark, will be conducting this Seminar.

The activity should be a useful exercise for our match officials forming part of the talent programme. The subjects under review for match officials, mentors and referee observers will cover, mentor philosophy and profile, talent profile, exchange of expectations for a talent programme, hot topics from UEFA and pro-active man management.

Some of these topics will be covered against the background of the BOV Divison II match between St Venera Lightnings and Kirkop United.

The programme is as follows:

Friday 27th January 2012

1700hrs – 1900hrs    Part One:MentorCourse (Mentors)

Topics: MentorPhilosophy, Talent Profile,MentorProfile, Exchange of  Expectations for the Talent Programme

Saturday 28th January 2012

0845hrs – 1045hrs    Instructional Meeting (Match Officials and Referee Observers)

Topics: Hot topics from UEFA, Pro-Active Man Management

1045hrs – 1100hrs    Coffee break

1100hrs – 1300hrs    Part Two: Talent andMentorCourse (Talents and Mentors)

Topics: Brief aboutMentorPhilosophy, Talent Profile, UEFA CoreCourse, Instructions for Observation of a                                                               Division Two match officiated by Match Officials forming part of the Talent Programme

1300hrs – 1345hrs    Lunch

1400hrs        Observation of the Division Two match Santa Venera Lightnings vs Kirkop United at the Centenary Stadium

1630hrs – 1830hrs    Part Three: Talent andMentorCourse (Talents and Mentors)

Topics: Evaluation of the Santa Venera Lightnings vs Kirkop United match (DVD available), Role Play: oral                                                             evaluation by mentors of the match officials’ performance

Final Conclusions

Additional Information

The Talent and Mentor Programme is under the direction of Mr Victor Mintoff, Referees Development Officer.

The Referee Talents are classified in four levels: Elite (ARCIOLA Andre’, FARRUGIA CANN Trustan, TONNA Glenn, ZAMMIT Fyodor), Category 1 (FARRUGIA Philip, SAMMUT Andrew James), Category 2 (PORTELLI Luke, UTULU Jude Amin) and Category 3 (BUHAGIAR Keith, DE GABRIELE Matthew, MANGION Etienne, SCIBERRAS Roderick).

The Assistant Referee Talents are classified in two levels: Elite (SCERRI Mitchell, VELLA Roberto), and National (BONNICI  Alan, CARUANA Redeemer, GALEA Karl Stefan, SAMMUT Jean-Pierre, VELLA Joseph).

The following former referees or assistant referees have been appointed as mentors to the different categories of Referee and Assistant Referee Talents: Gaetano  De Gabriele (Elite),  Saviour Darmanin (Category 1), Alexander Arena (Category 2), Alexander Spiteri (Category 3) and Philip Agius (Assistant Referees)

Biographical note on Jørn West Larsen


Born on 12 June 1955.

Career: UEFA Match Official (International Referee) from 1995 to 2000

             UEFA Match Officer (Match Delegate) 2004-2005

             UEFA Match Officer (Referee Observer) since 2005

             UEFA Match Officers – Referee Observers Member from 2004 to 2007

             UEFA Referee Convention Panel Member from 2009 to 2011  

             UEFA Referee Convention Panel Member from 2011 to 2013  








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