Season Inauguration Dinner 2011-2012-Floriana Basketball Club

Monday, September 26, 2011, 22:40

On Friday 16th September, Floriana Basketball Club held its annual ‘Start of Season’ Dinner at the Bastion Pool – Phoenicia Hotel. On the occasion, ‘Floriana Francesco Fenech’ and ‘YTC Floriana Eurobasket’ were announced as the main sponsors for the Division 1 and Division 2 teams respectively. Stellina Galea for YTC travel and Tony Fenech for Francesco Fenech presented their sponsorship to the new club president, Mr. Bruno Dipietrantonio. Newly appointed Mr Dipietrantonio thanked outgoing president Mr Edward Torpiano.

Mr Torpiano has served as president for the last 10years and will now offer his very valid service to the club as vice-president.  The club’s peripheral sponsors were also thanked. Namely, Fexserv financial services, Michael Attard Ltd, Café’ Barrakka, Aretrop and Muccio Mobili. Errea will be the technical Sponsors for the Coming season. Finally the club thanked the Floriana Local Council for providing the entertainment for the evening and Phoenicia Hotel for their impeccable service.


  1. Ali says:

    Inti mhux xorta ghalik Truly Bball Lover


    Truly Bball Lover Reply:

    Noo…. !!! Doesn’t Make Sense…. With all respect…. I am a fan of bruno.. but why he is floriana president? doesnt make sense beeing a president of a club and coaching another… and also it doesnt make sense coaching a team and playing with another club… Ex: you coach filfla u20 boys and than play with kemmuna 2nd div… when filfla have a 2nd div team… and kemmuna have u20 boys… !!! also I dont fully agrre but its not eay to have a nt team coach coaching same category with a club… how can you convince a player he can beat his opponent .. when you choose his oppenent for Nt and not him !!!


    StraightToThePoint Reply:

    Truly Bball….as much as I understand your feelings, and agree with your point of view, your explanation goes agianst what you said. As far as I am aware, Floriana don’t have a female team and Hibs don’t have a men’s team. Once again, what you can do and you cannot do is determined by the regulations. Quote the rule and you have a point and more.


  2. Truly Bball Lover says:

    Bruno club president ??? Seriously ????? Why ?????? How come ?????? and he is coaching hibs ??? ooo goodddd !!


    karmnu Reply:

    flimkien kollox possibli lol


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