Scuola di Pallavolo Malta Christmas Tournament

Thursday, January 3, 2013, 22:00

The motto for the year 2012 at Scuola di Pallavolo Malta was that of meeting a lot of new people, reaching out mainly to people who so far have not formed part of any volleyball or sport community, particularly that of SdP Malta. And over the past months SdP Malta has managed to increase its acquaintances by organizing activities, going to schools, partnering with new sport clubs and setting up the new boys’ team in collaboration with Attard Volley.
This tradition was also carried on for the U14 Boys’ Team’s Christmas Party, for the theme chosen was “Natale in Famiglia”. For this occasion, all players forming part of the U14 Boys’ Team were asked to invite their families and friends to join in a regular training session so as to experience the fun their boys have when practicing volleyball.
After a few warming up exercises that the boys led themselves, it was time to play and have fun. Parents and children alike all gave their best for what turned out to be a great experience for everyone involved. In all more than 30 mini-games were played, with some parents leaving quite a good impression with their volleyball skills.
Scuola di Pallavolo Malta would like to thank all those who attended this event, as well as all those whom we’ve come to meet over the past year. We wish all sports enthusiasts a healthy and successful 2013.
More information about Scuola di Pallavolo Malta and its future projects can be found on or on 79208723.

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