Scotts Supermarket Squash National League Awards held

Tuesday, September 27, 2016, 9:34

Gavin Muscat

The presentation of the Scotts Supermarket Squash National League Awards was held last weekend.

Last year’s squash league season started in September with 50 players taking part in 8 divisions. Six rounds were held and by the final round in August, as more squash players joined the league, the number of divisions had grown to 13.

Throughout the season points are awarded to players who play their matches and maintain their position in a division, and more points to players who manage to get promoted to a higher division and to those who top the first division. In this way, recognition is given not only to the top players in the league but also to players who are in lower divisions, playing throughout the season, and improving their level.

The overall winner last season was Sebastien Giordano who accumulated the most points. Runner-up was Paul Borg and, with equal number of points in third place, were Anthony Fenech, Brian Borg and Greg Gera. In 4th place it was Andrew Attard, Giosue’ Piancamore, Kijan Sultana and Maurice Saliba.

Mr Mario Said, managing director of Scotts Ltd, who presented the awards, was encouraged by the growing number of players taking part in the league:

“Scotts Supermarket is proud to sponsor the national squash league. Squash is growing in popularity. There are more people taking up squash to keep fit and it is also encouraging to see many more juniors practising the sport. In fact, one of the winners of the awards today, Kijan Sultana, is only 12 years old, and he is currently ranked 7th in the Under 13 Boys European rankings.”

Robert Sultana, who manages the national league, thanked Scotts Supermarket for supporting the national league and for sponsoring the Malta International Squash Open.

The new league season has just started and the number of participants taking part has now reached over a hundred players for the first time. The league consists of players of all levels (from relative beginners in the lower division to more advanced players in the top divisions), all ages, including juniors, and both men and women take part.

There are no fixed dates and times when league matches are played. Players need to contact the other players in their division to arrange a mutually convenient date and venue to play their matches by the end of the round. Each round is allocated 6-8 weeks.

The league is a great way to find other squash players who are same level to play with. Players who are interested in joining the league, or who need more information, can send an email to

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