Schedule of events for Maltese athletes in London

Monday, July 9, 2012, 14:22

With only 18 days for the start of the London 2012 Olympic games, this site thanks to the Maltese Olympic Committee is publishing the schedule of the participation of the Maltese athletes.

The five Maltese to participate in these games are : William Chetcuti, Rachid Chouhal, Diane Borg, Andrew Chetcuti and Nicola (Nikki) Muscat.

Attempts to try and get an invitational participation for Maltese Judoka Marcon Bezzina proved to be unsuccessful.

All events can be followed via live TV broadcast on BBC, RAI and Sky Italia.

Italy’s pay TV operator Sky Italia will broadcast 2,300 hours of live events inclusive of all heats and preliminary rounds. EuroSport will also broadcast an array of events.

SHOOTING William Chetcuti Men D/Trap 2nd AUGUST 9.00 -13.30 Qualifying
2nd AUGUST 15.00 -15.40 Finals
ATHLETICS Diane Borg Ladies 100m 3rd AUGUST 10.40 – 11.02 Prel
3rd AUGUST 19.05 – 19.54 Heat
4th AUGUST 19.35 Semi Finals
21.55 Finals
ATHLETICS Rachid Chouhal Men 100m 4th  AUGUST 10.00 – 10.25 Prel
12.30 – 13.27 Heat
SWIMMING Nikki Muscat Ladies 50m freestyle 3rd AUGUST 10.00 – 10.23 Heat
20.21 – 20.27 Semi
SWIMMING Andrew Chetcuti Men 100m  freestyle 31st JULY 10.00 – 10.40 Heat
19.30 – 19.38 Semi

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