Scerri and Camilleris’ win at Ta Qali, Caruana wins at Mgarr

Monday, March 24, 2014, 7:31

Almost every Sunday has been a busy day for ASMK committee and various members. The 4th Trials Championship event was held on Sunday 16th March at Torri Falka at Zebbieh and the Autocross and Motocross races were held at TA Qali Offroad Motorsport complex at Ta Qali on Wednesday 19th March.


Robert Caruana won the Trials Class A competition held at Torri Falka with just 7 penalty points advantage. Robert who rides a Gas Gas Trials bike on difficult paths on site made several Clean passes and took advantage over his team mates. James Zahra riding a Sherco with 26 penalty points could not beat Caruana’s best and is placed 2nd overall. 3rd place was won by Nick Farrugia on a Beta with 35 points. The course was very technical all the way in every section.  


Young Rowen Bonello dominated Class B with a number of Clean sections thus, no penalty points in most sections. In fact.  Rowen earned just 12 points in the whole competition. Joseph Scicluna on a Gas Gas with 38 points is 2nd placed and Manuel Camilleri on a Beta is placed 3rd in Class B.


Racing at Ta Qali on Wednesday 19th March took place on very well finished track surfaces. Competition was so high that no one driver won all the three Heats on the day.

Christian Mark Galea on a Fiat Ritmo, Gordon Johnson on a Peugeot 205, Josef Grech on a Ford Fiesta, Vince Farrugia on a Volkswagen Polo, Manuel Muscat and Ryan Scerri both on Opel Corsa qualified for Class A Finals which carry top ASMK-Pasta Poiatti Championship points. As the Red Lights went Off all six cars accelerated to the first Left hander. Manuel Muscat reached the apex ahead of all but was accidentally hit and spun by the Ritmo of Christian Galea resulting in a six car pack in a place for two. Ryan Scerri on the second Corsa found a gap and raced away thus taking a lead which he kept to the Finish Flag. Grech, Farrugia and Galea followed very close to each other in this formation right to the 9th Lap. Johnson andMuscat retired earlier from the race.


The competitors for Class B were Melo Zammit on a Ford Escort, Jason Martin on a Volkswagen Polo, Ivan Birmingham on a Suzuki Swift, Malcolm Borg on an Opel Corsa, Philip Joe Vella on a Vauxhall Nova and Kurt Sammut on a Ford Ka. At the Start Borg Vella and Zammit made a very good Start in a group of three to the first corner but Vella made his way to the lead. Sammut drew the attention of the spectators as he made pressure and overtook Martin. Soon later Martin fouled Sammut who now has lost his place while Martin wad Warned for his deed. Sammut who now was placed last recovered his position in less than five laps. At the race lead, Vella had little opposition from Zammit who was being challenged for 2nd place by Borg. Soon Vella completed his 9th Lap ahead of Borg and Zammit. Sammut crossed the Finish Line ahead of Martin.


Camilleri brother Clayton and Kyle won their consecutive 4th competition. Clayton rides a KTM and won all his three Heats. Brothers Paul and Trever Muscat finished in 2nd and 3rd place respectively. Paul rides a KTM and Trever rides a 250cc Honda. All Class A and many Class B riders demonstrate beautiful manoeuvres while riding Motocross on the newly refurbished MX Track.


Kyle Camilleri still riding his 85cc Suzuki won all his Heats too. Kyle is demonstrating technical Motocross riding at high level for his young age. French Pierre Jourdan on a 2 stroke 150cc KTM bike is placed 2ndoverall with 64 points. Karl Micallef is 3rd placed in Class B on a Honda 250cc with a total of 60 points.


ASMK will be organising the next Enduro event at Fawwara l/o Siggiewi. This event will be held at the Fawwara hard rocks cutting quarry which is also a beautiful place for such events. This Enduro location is made possible by kind permission of quarry owners Polidano Group and Schembri Barbros. Dunlop Tyres (Malta) and Thomas Smith Insurance are also supporting this event.  All necessary permits were granted by the local authorities.

Enduro Registration opens at 9.00am for Trials, Motocross and Enduro bikes. Race Starts at 10.00am. Refreshments and other services will be available on site.

More information can be found at


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