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Saywell again on an International Podium…

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Part of the Maltese Judo Squad, namely Jeremy Saywell (-66kgs), Antonio Greco (-66kgs) and Marcon Bezzina (-63kgs) travelled to Bergamo to compete in the Sankaku International Trophy which was attended by 1100 Judoka from 12 countries. The day started very late for our Maltese, and the first Maltese Judoka to get on the mat was Jeremy at 18 :00hrs. Saywell was drawn against the Italian Migliorini Dario (3rd: Regional U23 Italian Championships 2011) but he only needed 12 seconds to score Ippon (full points) with his kata-guruma (hand throwing technique). The second contest was against the Italian Ripandelli Davide (3rd : U17 Italian National Championships 2011). Ripandelli is a son of a judo family: His father was on 4 podiums in the Kata European Championships, his mum 7 podiums at the National Championships in Italy, and his sister also a promising Judoka. Jeremy stepped on the mat determined that he is getting on the podium, and it took him only 31 seconds to score an Ippon against Ripandelli, this time with a Ko-Uchi-Gari (leg technique). The third contest was against Burka Ion (ex wrestling player), who also lasted less than a minute on the mat. Jeremy first attacked after 33 seconds with a tomoe-nage (rear sacrifice technique) which earned him a yuko (1 point). 30 seconds later, Jeremy attacked again, this time scoring an Ippon with a Tani-otoshi (side sacrifice). The quarter final was against the Russian Akchurin Azamat (5th : Tallin Judo Open 2012). Jeremy attacked with his Kata Guruma just after 1 minute scoring Ippon. The Semi Final was an even shorter contest which Jeremy finished in 15 seconds scoring ippon with a Sode tsurikomi goshi (hip throwing technique) against the Italian Grion Federico. The final contest was against the Italian Medves Matteo, who is currently ranked 12th of the European Ranking List. Grion caught our Saywell with a very strong cross grip and threw him with a Harai Goshi (hip throwing technique) in the first quarter of the contest. Saywell ended this long Judo day with a silver medal – the best result Maltese Judoka ever got at this tournament.

Antonio Greco contested the same weight category as Jeremy. His first contest was against Kurihara Yujiro from the Scuola Militare Milano. Kurihara beat Antonio with 2 wazari (adding up to full points) but later got eliminated. Consequently, Antonio was not recuperated.

Marcon Bezzina was called for the first fight after 22:00hrs against the Italian Petterle Michela. Marcon had eliminated Petterle in Vittorio Veneto, her home club, this year. However, Petterle seemed to be ready for Marcon this time, and secured a left-hand grip. Petterle managed to throw Marcon for Ippon half-way through the fight, and kept on going to win the Gold Medal. Once Petterle qualified for the quarter-final, she recuperated Marcon to fight again. Her next contest was against the Italian Mazzola Elisa (5th: Vittorio Veneto 2010). After Mazzola was penalised for not attacking and not allowing her opponent to attack, Marcon threw Mazzola for a wazari (second highest score) with a counter attack. Marcon defended this advantage and after 5 minutes, Marcon won the contest and proceeded to the next round. Just before midnight, Marcon was called for her next repechage fight against Furler Katja, 11th on the Italian Junior Ranking List. Throughout the fight, Marcon worked well with her newaza techniques, however the fight was well balanced and ended without score.  30 seconds into the golden score, Furler scored a yuko thus won the match. Marcon placed 7th.

Cadet Squad participates at the Pendici del Etna

18 Dragons, Espoirs and Cadets accompanied by Vito Aufieri, Serge Dintimille, Ivan Esposito and Tano Scerri flew to Catania to compete at the Pendici del Etna. These Judoka represented 5 Maltese Judo clubs: Hibernians Budokwai Judo Club (HBJC), Kamikwai Judo Club, Kinsu Judo Club, Malta Judo Academy and Tigne Judo Club. Amongst the cadets who performed best were the following: Jake Abela eliminated his first 2 opponents and only lost his final match, placing second. Stefan Scerri won the semi-final but lost the placing second. Franscesco Aufieri won his first fight, lost his second, but won the bronze medal fight placing third. The Maltese squad won the Cadet Trophy at this tournament.


Participated: Jacob Bezzina (Academy -73kgs)


Gold: Alex Esposito (Tigne -50kgs), Ismael Grogan (Kin-Su -46kgs),

Silver: Jake Abela (Tigne -60kgs), Alessio Muscat (-81kgs), Stefan Scerri (Tigne +90kgs), LeslieAnne Portelli (Tigne +70kgs)

Bronze: Francesco Aufieri (Academy -73kgs)

Participated: Cormack Spiteri (Tigne -60kgs)

Espoir B:

Silver: Alice Battistino (HBJC -48kgs), Rebecca Zammit (Tigne -57kgs)

Participated: Gabriel Debono (Academy -55kgs), Kurt Butters (Kamikwai -55kgs), Louis Grixti (Kin-Sui -55kgs), Andre Galea (Tigne -66kgs)


Gabriel Camilleri (Kin-Su), Emma Cassar (Kin-Su), Thomas Camilleri (Kin-Su)

Aufieri wins the Cadet Tournament in Treviso

Francesco, accompanied by his father Vito, travelled to Treviso to continue extending his judo experience. He eliminated both his contestants, Malgarise Lorenzo and Koczka Daniel in less than a total of 1 minute, placing first.


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