San Giljan condemn behaviour at the Pool

Monday, August 30, 2010, 18:00

The following is an official statement issued by San Giljan ASC this afternoon and signed by club president Dr Daniel Aquilina:

The President and Committee of San Giljan ASC strongly condemn the players and supporters involved in the scenes of disorder witnessed during the match against Neptunes last Saturday at the National Pool.

San Giljan ASC is taking the matter very seriously and will be taking disciplinary measures as may be required. Such irresponsible and unacceptable behaviour will not be tolerated by the Club, whether as a result of provocation of otherwise.

Dr Daniel Aquilina


  1. SportInMalta says:

    The sporting public has discussed the subject of violence in local water polo extensively with exposure being given to this on all media and it is time to move one and turn the page.

    Therefore we ask you, our loyal readers, to support us in this initiative to stop the commenting on this subject and bring local water polo to the level it deserves i.e the water polo that you have read about on our portal over the past few months prior to the unfortunate incidents.

    You will be kept updated with all the results, photos and latest news as it happens, so keep this site bookmarked!


  2. Inhobb l-isports says:

    Excellent to hear that.. It felt all a bit scary again..


  3. Sports Fun says:

    The San Giljan Committee led by Dr. Aquilina is a relatively new group of youngers who dedicate all their free time and energy to the future of this team. With Dr.Aquilina as their leader and his team I can slowly see a future through their youngsters which is really what we do need in the game of Waterpolo today.
    I totally agree with Mr. Mark Frendo, well said and straight to the point.


  4. giljaniz daqskom says:

    Prosit. Well said.


  5. mike says:

    Prosit Dott now youre talkin. Ehles mir rubbish u timxu l quddiem.


  6. Mark Frendo says:

    An honest statement from a true gentleman. Prosit.

    Although I strongly sympathise with Neptunes, I would like to appeal to San Giljan to build themselves up again after such a dismal season. With people like Dr Aquilina, Brian Schembri, John Xerri de Caro in their ranks and players like Aquilina, Bianchi, Fava, and many other gentlemen, this team WILL BECOME A FORCE in local waterpolo.

    Tough decisions lie ahead for San Giljan, but by cleaning the FEW rotten apples in their bowl they will make their club STRONGER and more FAMILY FRIENDLY.

    I sincerely wish you luck.


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