San Ġiljan’s reaction to Matthew Zammit’s failed dope test

Tuesday, June 15, 2010, 21:48

San Ġiljan's player Matthew Zammit also known as ix-XellugiFollowing the news published by this website that San Ġiljan’s and National Team player Matthew Zammit failed a doping test the Club has also issued an official statement. This website is informed that pressure was put on the Club’s President Dr. Daniel Aquilina to issue some sort of reaction after the ASA had made public this issue.

The following is the original Press Release issued by the San Ġiljan Waterpolo Club:

Following Matthew Zammit’s provisional suspension from all ASA’s activities, the Club has likewise provisionally suspended the said player from Club activities until further notice due to a potention breach,  if the positive test is confirmed, of the Club’s code of Ethics, Fair Play and Good Conduct.

San Ġiljan ASC shall closely follow developments and shall wait the outcome of the FINA / ASA tests, procedures and sanctions. The Club shall fully respect  the player’s right to legal representation and defence before taking and further action.

 Whilst being shocked by the news of the failed doping test by National team player Matthew Zammit, irrespective of the outcome, the Club’s sporting targets remain unaltered due to the full faith of the Club in the squad.

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  1. Michael Caruana says:

    Deal All, the first test has shown that Matthew (knowingly or unkowingly) has taken some form of prohibited substance. What this is we are not sure of. However, what about the B sample? Was this test done, and if so what was the outcome? Certainly more clarity is needed in this case since a lot of information is not being revealed. And dear Noella, being Matthew’s girlfriend does not make you unbiased in this situation…


  2. mpolo says:

    and from now on… no one knows the answer .. so its a closed chapter and get over it


  3. mpolo says:

    how silly .. putting up a pic of his private life … ara kemm mandkomx tamlu going on his facebook and fishing through his facebook pictures… haha wat a joke !


    George Busuttil Reply:

    If you place a photo on the internet it’s in the public domain. People in Malta haven’t yet learnt from the Daphne Caruana Galizia saga that was a result of Facebook!
    Rather than discussing the photo i am more interested in discussing how this doping scandal has affected San Giljan (including their recent performances this season) and the reputation of Malta and the national water polo team overseas.
    At least the administrators of this site had the decency to post this photo and not a compromising photo that many people have on their facebook and hi5 profiles.


    mpolo Reply:

    Mr. George busuttil… i am very happy to say i know matthew zammit very well .. my name is Noella Agius, please dont speak about waterpolo players reputation as matthew zammit does not have a bad reputation, people like you and all others who are saying rubbish on this blog are giving him a bad name as i have been knowing him for a while now and i am not afraid too say and also very proud too say is that he has never ever touched any drug as long as ive been knowing him and thats a long time …I am sure all of you will get an answer very soon …and reg the pic… fair enough post what ever you like its your job but were talking about waterpolo here so post a pic of waterpolo.. and if you dont know what matthew zammit took please dont say rubbish and spèak as if you know .. if you do know matthew zammit you know the truth …


    waterpolo Reply:

    well said noella,shut up george busutill beter that you not say nothing

    Lc Reply:

    very well said noe:) one thing is for sure and it is proven here……….. little people with little minds say things which have no relevance whatsoever.

    Lc Reply:

    I’ve got to say that Mat looks great in this photo:):) so proud of you:)


  4. waterpolo says:

    ahjar jamlu testjiet lil kulhhad ta,ghax hemm playser sa sena u nofs ilu kien ishu tapp uissa gie mibni daqs matthew zammit kwazi,biex tela hekk dan f sena u nofs


  5. edward aquilina says:

    Please get waterpolo coverage season has started. This story is a closed chapter. Everyone move on now


  6. waterpolo says:

    hehehe you know what matthew he take before you talk


  7. Lc says:

    Come on Matttttt kuragggg. Naf li you will do it no matter what. Ahna dejjem warajk. xxx


    Hehe Reply:

    He should apologies at least on a National Level, and ban from all sport


  8. Lex says:

    So this is what you call respecting the players privacy, publishing a personal photo. Do you want a photo of the family aswell to publish? This is getting out of hands.


  9. JA says:

    This is ridiculous now even private photos of him you’re putting on the website.Leave him alone, maybe it was amistake but the least things someone who needs help and support at this crucial time is for you people building up the pressure on him.


  10. polo fan says:

    min fej gibtu ir ritratt facebook ? :P


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