Sammut wins BETA in WotoMoto Enduro Challenge

Wednesday, December 19, 2018, 14:02

Last Sunday the Association was very busy preparing and organizing the 1st Moto Enduro event during a special competition held at Ta’ Qali Sports Complex as the winner of this Enduro race was presented by a brand new BETA motorcycle by the firm WotoMoto and to use during all racing of the National 2018/2019 Championship and do all the training sessions too.

The Class A and Overall winner was Bernard Sammut who raced on his Husqvarna 300 and covered the 5 kilometer track in 6 minutes 31.829 seconds. Carmelo Borg on a Honda 450 motorcycle followed Bernard with timed runs in 6 minutes 51.412 seconds. Third place finisher is Matthew Gauci on a Beta 300 with his best time of 6 minutes 58.593 seconds.

In Class B, Daniel Borg on a Beta 350 won this class with a timed runs of 7 minutes 29.401 seconds while Andrew Cassar followed as Runner-Up on a KTM 300 with a time of 7 mins. 30.375 seconds. Aidan Camilleri on a KTM 300 finished in third place with his time of 7 mins. 41.746 seconds.

Class C which had a number of new competitors taking part in this event was won by Luke Borg on a Kawasaki 250 motorcycle with a time of 8 minutes 4.439 seconds. Borg was followed by Kevin Calleja on a KTM 150cc motorcycle with timed laps of 8 minutes 26.077 seconds, Third place finisher is Kyle Stone on a KTM 250 motorcycle with time runs of 8 minutes 30.423 seconds.

The presentation of trophies following the event was conducted by the company WotoMoto Ltd. General Manager of BETA Motorcycles Mr. Neil Falzon who confirmed that the BETA firm will again be sponsoring this WotoMoto Enduro Challenge Championship. Among cheers Mr Falzon for the second consecutive year presented a brand new BETA RR 350 motorcycle to the second time winner young Bernard Sammut so he can compete in this new Championship and do all the training sessions on this Beta motorcycle for the coming year of competition.

The presentation done by Mr Neil Falzon General Manager of Wotomoto accompanied by Mr Eddie Bonello President of the Enduro races within ASMK. On behalf of the BETA motorcycles Mr. Falzon presented the Brand New BETA RR 350 motorcycle to Bernard Sammut who won the event overall and also won his Class A.

Mr Falzon on behalf of WotoMoto also presented a hamper to Carmelo Borg as Runner-Up in this hard competition while Matthew Gauci as third place finisher was presented with vouchers from the BETA firm. Mr Falzon also thanked ASMK for the professional way the event was held and announced that his firm will be the main sponsor for the third edition of the WotoMoto Enduro Challenge 2019.

On Sunday 23 December 2018 the “Assoċjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Karozzi” will be organizing the special Motorsport event held every year during Christmas time. Like in previous years the event is being organized to raise funds for the Istrina. In this 25th edition of this event the program of the day will include the Autocross section with their second event of the 2018/2019 National Autocross Championship by ASMK and Pasta Poiatti. Also the Motocross Motorcycles will compete in a Fun Race . The day’s program starts at 8.00am with motorcycles while the cars races follow from 10:00 am. The program is expected to come to the end with the Cars Demolition Derby beginning at about the 3:00 pm.

Although the Demolition competitors are finding it very difficult to buy old cars for this Istrina event of Demolition which is held once a year, 30 competitors registered for this competition while being busy preparing their cars for this event. This edition will see 11 new competitors while the regular drivers amount to 19 to take part in this game. Just when the number of new competitors be more than a third of the lot this makes it more difficult to forecast who the Winner and Runner Up will be.

Although car crashing is the role of this game the participating drivers have special safety rules that has to be observed to protect the safety and health of all drivers on track. The preventive rules for this game in the past have been respected by all drivers during and to the end of the Demolition Derby. Meanwhile, the Association takes all the necessary precautions for the safety of all participants to happen. All cars will be inspected for safety on Saturday and prior to the event start too.

More information and events results can also be found on the website of the Association and more info in the Facebook pages named A.S.M.K. Malta. One can make contact by email -

Photos by Mario Micallef

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