Saints lead the standings after beating Fgura

Monday, January 9, 2012, 20:40

courtesy of Victor Ciangura – The Malta Independent

APS Bank Under 17 Section C 2

Fgura Utd   0      Sta Venera    1


Sta Venera are in top spot on maximun points from 8 games while Fgura are third from bottom on 9 points also from 8 gmaes. The Yellow/Blues deserved the three points as they were the better outfit by playing more methodical football and creating more actions than Fgura.

In the first action by Sta Venera Shawison Farrugia served Keith Schembri in the area but Fgura keeper Lionel Camilleri foiled him with a timely sortie, while at the other end, Eugenio Abela served Karl Ciantar with a through ball and he drove out from outside the area.

Sta Venera then mounted two actions in a row. Nigel Refalo served Jousef Eldin on the left flank and a defender cleared the ball to a corner, which was well-taken by Schembri and Camilleri saved a header by Neil Farrugia and Camilleri then saved a free kick shot by Refalo after Shawn Kind was fouled outside the area.

In the 11th minute Sta Venera took the lead when Eldin pounced on a defensive indecision, entered the area after beating two defenders, crossed the ball to Shawison Farrugia who had the easiest of tasks to shoot into the net from one metre.

The pressure by Sta Venera was incessant. Schembri tried his luck from outside the area and after Camilleri partly saved his effort the ball was cleared to safety.

In the 26th minute Schembri should have doubled the score for Sta Venera but he drove out from one metre with only Camilleri to beat after an Eldin perfect cross from the left flank.

The last two actions before the break were also created by Sta Venera. Refalo served Eldin in the area and Camilleri saved his shot to a corner which was taken by Schembri and the ball was cleared to another corner and Refalo then served Schembri in the area and after Camilleri partly saved his shot the ball was cleared away by a defender.

Sta Venera went straight on the offensive after the resumption as they won a corner kick on the right flank which was taken by Schembri and a defender cleared the ball following a header by Kind. Eldin then dribbled past two opponents and after entering the area Camilleri partly saved his shot and the ball was somehow cleared away to safety.

In a rare Fgura attack, Carl Ciantar received the ball from a long drop kick by Camilleri and the ball missed the upright after his effort from the edge of the area.

Sta Venera kept pressing. Eldin was fouled just outside the area and from the free kick by Shawison Farrugia the ball hit the defensive barrier and was cleared away and Kind was then fouled outside the area and Eldin drove well off target from the free kick.

Just before the final whistle the wood work denied Fgura the equaliser when Ciantar dribbled past an opponent outside the area and from his hard drive the ball thumped the bar with Xuereb beaten.

Referee: Andrew Sammut                                 Player of the match: Jousef Eldin (Sta Venera)


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