Sailing: Isomat Unica wins Solaris Cup Regatta

Saturday, July 2, 2016, 19:34

Gavin Muscat

Maltese Yacht, Isomat Unica, recently participated in the Solaris Days Event held between the 2nd and the 8th June, in Porto Rotondo, Sardinia.
The Solaris Days Event, is open to Solaris Yachts from all over the world. The highlight of this event was The Solaris Cup Regatta with races held over a period of two days.

Isomat Unica’s crew left Malta in bad weather but as the boat sailed passed the island of Favignana, weather conditions improved. Three days after leaving Malta, Isomat Unica arrived to a warm welcome by teams from the Yacht Club Porto Rotondo and Solaris Yachts, joint organisers of this prestigious event.

No rest for the crew, since soon after berthing, Isomat Unica was transformed from a cruising yacht to a highly competitive racing yacht – this involves removing all the extra weight that comes with traveling. To further intensify their competitive streak, Isomat Unica’s crew found out that they were berthed next to their main competition, who were going all out to win the title.

Lack of familiarity with the racing venue was certainly of a disadvantage for the Maltese crew, who were unaware of the local sea currents. Most of the crew on Swiss Nautic Two were locals. Most of the other leading boats hugged numerous islands along the course in order to avoid these unfavourable currents. It was Isomat Unica’s experience and determination to remain competitive, combined with a few risky moves which eventually placed the yacht in an advantageous position for the downwind home run.

This is where Isomat Unica demonstrated her true potential, flying her red-and-white chute and leading the crew to victory albeit by four seconds. The next morning, the crew woke up to the sound of hustle and bustle coming from the neighbouring yacht, Swiss Nautic Two, whose crew was working on last minute tweaks in the hope of regaining the title.

On the second day of racing the Maltese crew’s morale was further boosted when they had the upper hand in a duel with a large Solaris 58 early in the race. By this time, the crew were more familiar with the local currents and beat their way towards the rounding mark with a number of rewarding tacks. With a perfect hoist of her chute, Isomat Unica was again on a downwind home run steadily increasing the distance between the rival yachts behind her. Her anxious crew were relieved when they heard the finish horn sound and were even happier when they learnt that they had won this race with a good lead.

Isomat Unica’s crew were crowned Overall Winner for the Solaris Cup Regatta at a very well organised and well attended Prize Giving ceremony. Each crew member was given a prize for their efforts, a gesture that was greatly appreciated by all.

“We thoroughly enjoyed our experience in Porto Rotondo. Our result showed the great team work and synergy that the crew has built through years of sailing together”, said Jamie Sammut, Captain/Helmsman of Isomat Unica. “The crew is particularly grateful to Isomat, George and Action Sails Malta for supporting their participation in Porto Rotondo. Although we have just returned are we already looking forward to next year’s event”.

The crew, made up of Captain/Helmsman – Jamie Sammut/John Cachia, Michael Albanozzo (Navigation), Alan Sammut (Mast), Anthony Demajo (Pit), Joe Vassallo (Bow), Jeremy Gravina (Photography) and Kevin Dalli (Logistics).

CREDIT FOR PHOTO: Maria Vella-Galea

Isomat Unica in action during the Solaris Cup Regatta in Porto Rotondo.

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