Rugby season already over

Friday, April 2, 2010, 8:00

by Sandro Micallef

The MRFU Malta Rugby Football Union has made great achievements in the past and has established itself as one of the most organized sports associations. However I personally think that the MRFU must strive during the next months to try and help more individuals to set up new Rugby teams.

It is a pity that the Cisk Lager MRFU League has already come to an end. The League is too short and the Clubs play against the same Clubs for at least 4 teams in a season. Same problem mind you with Water Polo, Hockey, Handball, Volleyball and Basketball amongst others.

Due to the fact that Rugby has evolved rapidly in Malta in the last decade the MRFU must keep on working hard to have at least two more new teams next season. The excuse of lack of pitches is not valid anymore as the KMS has given a second pitch to the MRFU who have made maximum use of it by introducing the 10’s League and consolidating the Ladies’ 7’s.

Last but not least a very big well done to the Malta Rugby Referees Association who have recently introduced new faces in the refereeing sector who have joined the likes of Steve Busuttil and Co.

Well done to Kavallieri who claimed the Championship this season…. All eyes now for the season show down as our National team hosts Latvia on Saturday 24th April at the Hibs ground. Good luck to Damien Neil and all the technical staff.


  1. vella says:

    It is great to see local rugby getting more media coverage but facts should be reported better. Not having enough pitches was (and is) not an excuse, it is reality, which still has nothing to do with setting up more clubs. Local clubs face a big problem to find a pitch they can use during the week for training – most are taken up by football clubs and even those clubs who did an excellent job to affiliate themselves with a football team/ local council – they still get the times in which there is no football going on, not to mention the prices some of the grounds do charge, and let’s not go into the lack of companies willing to sponsor clubs etc. Back to the KMS pitches – there is only a limited time slot where rugby can be played due to skola sport in the mornings and no adequate lighting (so matches have to happen before it starts getting dark). remember those 2 pitches have to host all youth, female and male matches in approx 6 hrs


  2. kirsten mifsud says:

    kellu bzonn ikun hemm iktar timijiet godda hekk kif ahna amilna tal-belt bil-valletta lions – kirsten


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