Ruby: Kavallieri too slick for Falcons in a Mediterranean Bank Cup match

Tuesday, March 3, 2015, 16:32

The second half of the season kicked off Saturday with the Mediterranean Bank Cup games, with both 1st Division and 2nd Division teams playing in the same competition.


Kavallieri played against the winners of the 2nd Division competition, the Falcons Rugby Club. After a week of rain the conditions were perfect, as Kavallieri kicked off long and went into attack immediately putting pressure on Falcons near their line, but a penalty was awarded to them and kicked long and got down into the Kavallieri half. Falcons won a penalty and try and run it, but the move broke down and Zammit (8) got a hold of the ball and crashed his way into the Falcon’s defence, from the ruck Blyton (10) chip kicked behind the Falcon’s defence, Debierre ran at pace, got a good bounce and scored under the posts. Blyton(10) converted and it’s Kavallieri 7 Falcons 0.


Falcons kicked long from the kick off Kavallieri knocked the ball on, from the awarded scrum Kavalileri win the Falcon’s put in and attack, but knock on. Falcons won a penalty and tap and run, trying to get the ball wide, but lost the ball in the tackle. Blyton(10) sent a long pass out to Debierre(13) which opened up the Falcons defence, passing on to Camilleri(14) on the wing, taking a return pass, but he is tackled and pushed into touch just short of the tryline.


Falcons are trying to run everything, but are often caught in possession or run away from the support players and lose the ball.


From a lineout Blyton takes the ball to the gainline but a swarm of Falcons players stop his progress, the ball goes loose and Bonavia(7) toes the ball ahead and scores just before the ball crosses the dead ball line. Blyton converts. Kavallieri 14 Falcons 0.


Falcons did not do well in the lineouts and scrums and kept receiving a bad ball, which makes it difficult to get out to their backs to launch any attacks.


It is good to point out that there is an age difference between the teams, where Falcons are on average of twenty years whereas the Kavallieri are probably around thirty. In the game, that lack of experience shows, as often they chose the wrong options when in pressure situations. But to their credit they did their utmost to play positive Rugby.


Kavallieri with quick hands through the backs with Mike Bonavia(7) in the line he then passes to the flying Debierre who scores, the conversion misses. Kavallieri 19 Falcons 0.



Kavallieri chipped the ball behind the Falcon’s defence, which caused all kinds of problems and making them hesitate, whether to run up to tackle or drop back for the kick, their defensive line is now zig zagging and giving the Kavallieri backline room to run.


Mike Bonavia(7)on another run through the middle offloads to Horne who sprints to the line and scores.


The first half ends with Kavallieri 26 Falcons 0.


The Kavallieri forwards started to dominate and Sam Zammit(1), Joe Cutajar (6) and especially Kristian Zammit(8) carried the ball in attack and getting plenty of go forward, for the Kavalileri backs to launch their attacks. Edmunds came on at 10 and Blyton moved to centre, with Debierre dropping back to full back.


Falcons are under pressure, but still kept playing attacking rugby whenever they got the ball. Edmunds passes to, then doubles around his inside centre Aquilina(12) he takes the ball again and flips the ball to Blyton who is running a line back inside, when he is held up he offloads the ball to Edmunds who scores, a slick and classy move, mesmerising the Falcon’s defence. Kavallieri 31 Falcons 0.


Ryan Borg(10) for Falcons tried to get his team in the game but often their moves broke down as there were no support players to protect the ball and Kavallieri won the breakdown at the tackle.


Kavallieri back once again attack, first going left then back to the right and there is an overlap of four players with nobody in front of them Jean Pierre Zammit(16) who has come on as a reserve scores. Kavallieri 36 Falcons 0.


Joe Cutajar(6) has a charging run upfield and crashes into the Falcon’s inside backs, the ball quickly goes right and Blyton scores, no conversion it’s now Kavallieri 41 Falcons 0.

Falcons launch a few attacks and look like they are about to score but Gregory(13) loses the ball as he goes over the tryline. Bjorn Micallef(14)has a couple of sprints down the touchline, but gets caught by the covering defence. Falcons loose the ball and Horne(11) sprints away to score, the conversion misses and it is at that point Referee Killian O’Brien whistles for full time, with the final score being Kavallieri 46 Falcons 0.


The score from the other main game on pitch 1 was Stompers “A” 62 Gladiators 0.


Women’s Rugby:

Kavalieri 19 Overseas 0.

Falcons 19 Kavalieri 5.

Falcons 48 Overseas 0.


Text: Bryan Corlett

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