Round Malta Sail Record Attempt On!

Friday, April 16, 2010, 6:00

Originally scheduled for the first weekend in March, but had to be postponed due to the mast breakage, the 49er Olympic class dinghy round Malta sail record attempt is now being held on Saturday 17th April.

The protagonists will be Sebastian Ripard and Benji Borg who plan to sail their 49er dinghy around Malta in a bid to break the current record of 4hrs 50mins currently held by J125 type yacht Strait Dealer.

Sebastian and Benji, on their 49er Olympic class dinghy, fully focused during a tensed training session. (Photo Kurt Arrigo)

According to team Seb&Ben, the working identify of the two young sailors ‘campaign partnership’, the sail is important on a number of levels: from a training aspect it is a very intense sail so it will be a good test of their endurance. Depending on the prevailing weather conditions the sail could take between 4 to 6 hours, which is quite intense. The 49er dinghy is a very demanding boat and is usually only raced for between 30 to 50 minutes, so to be in race mood for such a long time will be very intense, both physically and mentally.

As already announced the two well known young Maltese sailors have a common aspiration and a burning challenge; going for Gold at the Olympics. Furthermore they are using their passion for sailing to show their solidarity towards those less fortunate in society. In fact as for this record-breaking Sail all the event’s organization expenses have been secured the entire proceeds will go to charity. So far the young sailors have collected €2,600 but their target on this ‘Inspire mission’ is €5,000.

The start of the record-attempt sail is set for 9.10 a.m. from the Royal Malta Yacht Club start line in Marsamxett Harbour and will proceed south on leaving harbour racing on anti-clockwise. Two support vessels (RIBS) driven by Kurt Arrigo and Tom Ripard respectively will be in attendance during the sail.

The 49er Olympic class dinghy will start the record attempt sail with the keel boats which on the day will also be racing around Malta on the International Yacht Paints Double Handed Round Malta Race organized by the Royal Malta Yacht Club.

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