Bartolo and Spiteri oust Cassar Naudi

Saturday, July 23, 2011, 12:45

Donald Spiteri (left) and Lino Bartolo the two elected members on the MFA Executive representing member associations

Marsaxlokk’s President Robert Micallef missed out on being elected in the MFA Executive for the 2011.12 season after he registered only 36 votes from the 130 delegates and members who were eligible to vote in the MFA AGM. There was a 90% turnout of voters as 117 delegates casted their vote.

Victor Cassar of Hamrun Spartans got only 26 preferences in the same election for the representation on the MFA Executive to represent Member Clubs.

Another figure person who did not manage to get elected in the MFA Executive was Joe Cassar Naudi who has been sitting in the Executive for the past years. Cassar Naudi was left behind in a three head race won by newcomer Lino Bartolo (Districts) and Donald Spiteri (IASC) the latter already serving as Executive member in the past.

There were 130 delegates and Council memebrs who had the right to cast their vote but 13 either did not turn up or did not vote.

The below are the results of the election of candidates nominated to fill in the fourteen (14) seats of Ordinary Members of the Executive Committee for the year 2011/2012 :

Council Members in representation of Member Clubs in the different Divisions:

Premier Division (two (2) vacancies): – No Election

Mr. Jesmond ABELA

First Division (two (2) vacancies): – No Election
Mr. Joseph SAMMUT
Mr. Charles J. SCERRI

Second Division (two (2) vacancies):

Mr. Raymond MICALLEF

Third Division (two (2) vacancies): No Election
Mr. Stefan VELLA

Council Members in representation of Member Clubs in general (two (2) vacancies):
Mr. Paul CARUANA  – 17 votes
Mr. Victor CASSAR – 26 votes
Mr. Michael CUTAJAR - 54 votes (Elected)
Mr. Joseph FARRUGIA (KRP) - 29 votes
Mr. Robert MICALLEF  - 36 votes
Mr. Lawrence SEYCHELL – 11 votes
Mr. John VELLA - 44 points (Elected)

Council Members in representation of The Youth F.A. (one (1) vacancy):


Council Members in representation of the Gozo F.A. (one (1) vacancy):

Mr. Alvin GRECH

Council Members in representation of the other Member Associations (two (2) vacancies):

Mr. Lino BARTOLO – 82 votes (Elected)
Mr. Donald SPITERI – 71 votes (Elected)

Mr. Joseph M. CASSAR NAUDI – 47 votes

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