Robbie Ebejer to rebut D’Amato’s claims

Monday, November 22, 2010, 9:00

by Sandro Micallef.

Ex-ASA President Robbie Ebejer seems to have been taken by surprise by the latest document written by the ASA General Secretary Remy D’Amato which was leaked to the Press and first published on the sports pages of in-Nazzjon of last week.

Turbulent times at ASA

Turbulent times at ASA

D’Amato who has received a vote of no confidence by the ASA’s council has not officially resigned from his post but it is certain that he will not put forward his candidature.

In his document entitled “L-ahhar kapitolu” D’Amato explained in detail each and every issue which the Clubs had criticized him about. He went on to attack both the ex ASA President Robbie Ebejer and the administrative aide secretary Isabelle Zarb.

See story and entire document –

With reference to D’Amato’s document Robbie Ebejer and Isabelle Zarb will be holding a Press Conference to rebut the allegations of D’Amato. Close sources to the Clubs have confirmed that both Ebejer and Ms. Zarb have also asked for legal assistance in this issue. This Press conference is scheduled to take place this Tuesday at 1.30pm.


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    hallina robbie mela ghandkom x’tibzghu issa ?


  2. maus says:

    Where is the press conference going to be held?


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