Renea Phelps (Starlites Naxxar BC) Player of the month – December 2013

Wednesday, January 29, 2014, 18:53

The You Shop We Ship Women player of the month for the month of December was won by Starlites Naxxar BC American player Renea Phelps. Apart from being Phelps first individual honor in Malta, this is also the first time in Starlites history that one of their players won this award. In December Starlites continued with their positive games in the league resulting in a strong opponent to more established teams. Phelps contributed to these results by scoring 60 points and she ended the women’s second best scorer for the month of December. Renea Phelps features an average of 3.30 steals per game and 2.40 assists per game. She is also the second best rebounder so far in the season with an average of 13.40 rebounds per game. She was presented this award by Mr. Martin Ferry on behalf of You Shop We Ship.

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