Remy Damato retains post as ASA General Secretary

Wednesday, December 2, 2009, 12:55

The ASA Annual General Meeting 2009 was held today 26 November 2009 at the University Residence in Lija.

Dr Austin Sammut, President of the ASA, gave a detailed overview of the ASA’s events of the last year and mentioned in particular the success of the National Water Polo team in the European B Championships held in Lugano, Switzerland and the National Swimming Squad in the FINA World Championships, events held between July and August 2009.

IMG_8373Dr Sammut stated that the main challenge for the National Water Polo team in 2010 will be the European Championships in April 2010. In October of the same year the new playing format of the Championships will come into effect and matches will be played on a home and away basis that will force the ASA to increase its budget to Eur 100,000. Dr Sammut thanked the Bank of Valletta Group for sponsoring again the ASA’s competitions but remarked that the search to increase the number of sponsors is on. Dr Sammut also referred to the Memorandum of Understanding signed with the Federazione Italiana Nuoto that shall open the doors for local referees to possibility officiate matches in Southern Italy and waterpolo clubs participate in Italian waterpolo competitions.

Dr Sammut ended his report by thanking the Executive and all those who in one way or another helped in the running of the Association. Following a recommendation by the President Dr Sammut, the clubs approved his recommendation that the incumbent Vice-President Swimming Mr Mark Galea’s term will be extended till 2011.

As there were no contestations, Mr Edgar Rizzo retained his post of Treasurer, Mr Joe Agius Ruggier continues as Vice-President Water Polo whilst Mr Robert Ebejer was elected as Hon.President.IMG_8374

Following a tight ballot between Mr Remy Damato and Mr George Papagiorcopulo, Mr Remy Damato retained his post as General Secretary of the Association.

The AGM continued with discussions on various proposed amendments to the Rules that were not conclusive and fresh proposals shall be submitted.

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