Refereeing and scorekeeping course for beginners

Saturday, August 27, 2011, 16:44

The Match Officials’ Commission within the Malta Volleyball Association (M.V.A.) will be organising a Refereeing and Scorekeeping Course for Beginners between Friday 2nd and Sunday 4th September 2011. This course is going to be held at St. Martin’s College, Swatar, l/o Msida.

The sessions on Friday will be dedicated to Scorekeeping, with a test following the course itself. Successful candidates will be able to act as Scorekeepers and Assistant Scorekeepers during the competitions organised by the M.V.A. The rest of the weekend will be dedicated to an in-depth evaluation of the current F.I.V.B. Rules, as well as other local and international guidelines for Volleyball referees. The course will include both theoretical and practical elements, as well as a final test based on the F.I.V.B. rules.

Besides being a requirement for new referees and scorekeepers within the local Volleyball Association, this course is also interesting for any Physical Education students and teachers who would like to get to know volleyball better. This course is also open to any existing referees/scorekeepers.

For more details about the course programme as well as for any other information and registration, interested individuals are asked to contact the M.V.A.’s Match Officials’ Commission on The deadline for applications for this course is Wednesday 31st August, 2011.


  1. stephen farrugia says:

    no this course was for scorekeepers and refs. look up mva website and find info for clubs. we have some openings for u15 but train at cottonera gym. steve flyers mob 99282053


  2. Sharon gafa says:

    Hi, i wish to start playing volleyball,do i have to take a course please?


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