Redino Apap resigns from Qormi President

Tuesday, December 13, 2011, 10:13

by Sandro Micallef

Qormi’s long serving Club official and President Redino Apap has decided to call it a day by tendering his resignation from his current post of Club President and also from committee member.

This is considered as a surprise move from Apap who was on One’s programme Argument on Sunday afternoon trying to persuade the Qormi fans that the situation is under control despite the last three defeats in the Premier League.

Apap gave the below comment to The Times yesterday:

“After 17 years in the committee this was one of my most difficult decisions ever,” he told The Times.

“But, I think this was the right way to go. It was clear that some people from within were only interested in hurting me personally and the club. The committee tried to persuade me to stay but I was also advised to leave. In the end, I could not bear it any longer.”

Contrary to what happened when Sliema’s Steve Abela had resigned Apap is being bombarded with personal calls from football fans to reverse his decision and get back in the Qormi Committee. This site is informed that even other high ranking officials from Premier Clubs have called in persoally to Apap to try and persuade him to withdraw his resignation.

This site is informed that Hamrun’s Daniel Sullivan might be the next President in line to resign.



  1. ffc says:

    mhux ha jaghmel differenza ghal qormi, mhux bniedem bsahtu bhal Said, xriha, u Bezzina


  2. Bugeja says:

    Irezenjaw Kollha u hallu lil Schriha jmexxi…..mhux kwazi hekk hija l-affari:):):):)


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