Red letter day for La Salle Handball Club

Wednesday, May 30, 2012, 20:41

In the last Saturday of national competitions, La Salle Handball Club were crowned knock-out winners in both men’s and women’s categories after beating eternal rivals Aloysians on both occasions. These victories mean that La Salle Handball Club have obtained their triple crown in both categories and have remained undefeated in the men’s category.

The women’s final was a more thrilling encounter with the game being decided in the dying seconds of the game. With less than 2 minutes on the clock, La Salle Trendiwere leading by one goal and were playing with a player less following a 2 minute suspension. With Aloysians trying to surprise La Salle with a fast break to force extra time, it was La Salle who managed to inflict the deadly blow as Bernardette Vassallo scored a fast break 5 seconds from time to win the knock-out for La Salle.

In the men’s final, La Salle ZT Developments took matters in hand as from the early stages with a solid defensive performance. With the addition of guest player KrisztianOlschleger, La Salle managed to create additional flair in attack as the Hungarian was one of the major threats to Aloysians’ defence. Following two great lobbed shots in the second half by Ian Turban from the wing and some tremendous saves all throughout the match by John Scicluna, La Salle marched on to victory. With this win, La Salle ZT Developments managed to remain undefeated throughout the whole season, taking home all four honours in the men’s senior category.

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